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Panasonic NE Series SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and SC-NE5 Wireless Speakers

Panasonic NE Series SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and SC-NE5 Wireless Speakers

Panasonic NE Series SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and SC-NE5 Wireless Speakers


  • Product Name: NE Series SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and SC-NE5 Wireless Speakers
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Review Date: May 02, 2013 00:05
  • MSRP: $200 (SC-NE1), $300 (SC-NE3), $450 (SC-NE5)
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
  • Buy Now

Executive Overview

Panasonic announced its latest foray into the world of desktop speakers with its NE (Network Era) Series of wireless speaker systems, including models SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and the flagship SC-NE5. AirPlay and Bluetooth speakers (along with headphones) seem to be the dominant emerging trend after the "fall" of 3D. It seems like companies are scrambling for these new products which we imagine provide a nice profit margin and are taking off like sausages at a pancake festival. The SC-NE1, SC-NE3 and SC-NE5 all feature full wireless connectivity and the NE5 and NE3 can be synced through DLNA and AirPlay (plus Bluetooth for other devices). With AirPlay connectivity you can easily and wirelessly stream music from any iPad, iPhone, iPod or MAC/PC directly into the device. All you need is a wireless LAN network.

Panasonic's new NE series uses a curved "aero stream" port which the company says controls the airflow and reduces port chuffing—a common problem in ported desktop speakers. The result is clearer, more robust bass and the ability to achieve higher output levels without distortion. 

Panasonic SC-NE3 speaker

Panasonic SC-NE3 speaker

The SC-NE5 is unique in the line. It includes a docking/CD unit with a lightening pin connection, so it's ready to go with the new iPhone 5 and the 5th generation iPod touch. Of course, it also has a USB port so you can connect it with other devices as well. Panasonic also included their free Music Streaming app to make it easier for users to control all the music streaming directly from their smartphone or tablet. It works irrespectively of what wireless connection you're using.  

All of the NE series speakers are 2-way, with a rigid and lightweight 3-1/8" "long-stroke" [insert joke here] woofer. Panasonic brands this as their "nanosized" bamboo cone speaker. But wait, there's more...a 1" tweeter takes care of the highs. (Having a two-way system also reduces distortion, since the main speaker can "give up" the higher frequencies to the tweeter.) 

Panasonic SC-NE1 speaker

Panasonic SC-NE1 speaker

Intrigued? We are. The new Panasonic SC-NE5 retails for $450 and the SC-NE3 for $300. Both are available for pre-order and should ship in May 2013. The SC-NE1 is available already in some locations for $200.

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