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TVee 26 Setup & Build Quality

By Aaron Howard

Featuring a dual 5” HHRT driver soundbar and 6.5” downward firing wireless subwoofer, the TVee 26 offers 150 watts peak power and is designed to bring “powerful, quality, and dynamic audio to TV, movies, games, and music.” Boasting Boston Acoustic’s Digitally Optimized Virtual Surround (DOVS) technology and BassTrac circuitry for rich, immersive sound without distortion; can the TVee 26 provide a simplistic, user-friendly fulfilling listen experience?


Boston Acoustic’s TVee 26 nails the simplistic, user-friendly goal when it comes to setup. In the box are the soundbar, wireless subwoofer and remote, in addition to a 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo cable, RCA to 3.5mm adapter, optical digital cable, and power cords. Once out of the box, setup took less than two minutes. Simply place the soundbar and subwoofer in the desired locations, connect the system to the inputs and turn on the soundbar and subwoofer. The two synced within five seconds producing surprisingly clear and deep sound. Simple and user-friendly? Absolutely.

TVee inputs

Build Quality

Overall, the Tvee 26 is built well. The use of high quality plastic and fasteners, the sound system did not rattle or shake at high volumes. The system's soundbar and subwoofer are only available in black and is designed to be inconspicuous. Additionally, the TVee 26 comes with a five year mechanical parts and one year electrical components warranty.


The center of this sound system is the virtual surround sound bar. Just over 2.5 feet long with the front covered by a black metal ‘honeycomb’ mesh, the bar contains two 5” HHRT drivers which provide both analog and optical digital inputs. The front right of the soundbar contains the front panel controls, containing the “music/movie” button which “selects the style of sound you want to hear. Music Mode is for music and Movie Mode is for movies and television.” Mute, input selection, volume up/down, and power buttons are located next to the music/movie button. Rubber feet on the bottom keep the soundbar from sliding around; and additional rubber pads located on the back protect the wall as the TVee 26 soundbar can be wall-mounted using the integrated keyhole mounts. A mounting template is provided in the product carton.

connections settings

The back of the soundbar also house the rear panel controls, which contain the DC power input, AUX 1 & 2 inputs, Optical Digital input, and pairing button should the soundbar and subwoofer not sync automatically. Additionally, the TVee 26 soundbar includes a “trim level” which adjusts the input sensitivity of the AUX 1 input. This is a great and simple method to level match your Aux input with your optical digital input.

Wireless Subwoofer

A nice feature along with the Boston Acoustics soundbar is its wireless subwoofer. The 6.5” down firing driver can be place anywhere up to 25 feet away from the sound bar. Featuring “Boston’s BassTrac circuitry which offers more bass without distortion,” the subwoofer has the potential to produce very nice sound. With the ability to sync automatically with the sound bar, setup is simple. The power input, power on/off switch, volume control, pair button, and status indicator (lights green when actively connected to soundbar, red when in standby mode) are located on the rear panel of the subwoofer.

Remote Control

Boston Acoustics TVee 26 comes with a simple and effective "credit card" style remote for operating the system. Standby, music/movie toggle, mute, input, and volume controls can all be found on the remote. Included with the system is the CR 2025 lithium battery required to power the remote. Though you are able to continue using this remote, the system has the option to learn your television’s remote control commands, so you don’t have to add yet another remote to your collection. Directions on how to sync your remote with the soundbar are provided with the systems manual b ut it's very straightforward and I highly recommend this method.

remote control


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