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Stewart Filmscreen Intros Couture Collection

Stewart Filmscreen Intros Couture Collection

Stewart Filmscreen Intros Couture Collection


  • Product Name: Intros Couture Collection
  • Manufacturer: Stewart Filmscreen
  • Review Date: September 21, 2010 22:15
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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  • Loose cut crystal design
  • Black VeLux trim
  • "Z" bar quick mounting system
  • Colors: Diamond, Onyx, Silver, Gold, Rubellite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot and Topaz

Executive Overview

Stewart Filmscreen announced a new designer fixed screen product line, the Couture Collection. The company has forged a partnership with Swarovski Elements, a company that is known for manufacturing loose cut crystals. Together they have created a signature product in the new Couture Collection.

The first screen introduced within the Couture Collection will feature an elegant, sculpted fixed frame design accented with these loose cut crystals by Swarovski Elements. The Couture Collection is designed with the discriminating consumer in mind. It delivers exceptional beauty and looks great whether the projector is on or off.

"The Couture Collection creates a new exciting option for the consumer who desires glitz, glamour and the perfect screen image. Consumers will benefit from the superior image presentation of Stewart Filmscreen in locations where the aesthetic quality of the screen frame is of utmost importance. This collection offers our dealer the opportunity to sell the WOW-FACTOR, an exclusive screen that will be sure to impress. The Couture Collection is available in a wide variety of color options to complement the décor of any space, whether the requirement is for front or for rear projection."

- Joaquin Rivera, Stewart Filmscreen Director of Sales North America Consumer Products

Stewart's standard black VeLux trim perfectly frames the video image within the inside edge of the frame while the sculpted frame surrounds the outside. The Couture Collection frames are equipped with a new wall mounting system that includes levels and a simplified corner key design. Both traditional aperture mounts and specialty mounts are available and Stewart’s "Z" bar quick mounting system makes for easy and rapid mounting of the frame.
The Couture Collection is available in a wide variety of colors including Diamond, Onyx, Silver, Gold, Rubellite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot and Topaz as well as custom colors.

The Couture Collection will be shipping in Fall of 2010.

About Stewart Filmscreen
Stewart Filmscreen is the world’s premier projection-screen manufacturer for both the commercial and residential markets. A family-owned business, Stewart Filmscreen maintains the highest standards in screen design and craftsmanship offering the widest selection of application specific materials in seamless sizes up to 90’. In fact, each screen is handmade. Founded in 1947, Stewart Filmscreen has grown from a small business to an international one, with offices in Denmark and Singapore, in addition to two in the United States, including a manufacturing facility in Ohio and their headquarters in So. California. More information on Stewart Filmscreen Corporation is available at www.stewartfilmscreen.com.

About Swarovski Elements
Swarovski Elements are the world's finest loose cut crystals manufactured by Swarovski. Available in myriad colors, effects, shapes and sizes, these elements provide a fabulous palette of inspiration for designers in the worlds of fashion, jewelry, accessories and interior design. The "made with Swarovski Elements" label serves as a guarantee of quality, authenticity and integrity. www.swarovski-elements.com.

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BMXTRIX posts on September 22, 2010 12:53
Sounds expensive and I fear that the screen will suffer from ‘sparklies’.

Really, it is a shame that Stewart would go towards such a gimmicky thing.
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