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Yamaha LPX-510 LCD Projector Review

by August 11, 2004
LPX-510 LCD projector

LPX-510 LCD projector

  • Product Name: LPX-510 LCD Projector
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStar
  • Review Date: August 11, 2004 20:00
  • MSRP: $ 5495

Device: Three 0.7” HTPS TFT Engines

Native Resolution : 1280 x 720 pixels
Projection Lens : F=2.1 - 4.3; f= 1.4 – 31.7 mm
Motorized Zoom : 1.5x
Motorized Iris : 100% - 75%
Projection Ratio : 1.355 - 2.038
Screen Size : 30” – 300” (16:9 aspect ratio)
Lamp : 200W-150W UHP; 1700 hours (200W continuous); 3000 hours (150W continuous)
Brightness : 1000 ANSI Lumens (iris off; Cinema Balance Filter off) 350 ANSI lumens (iris full on; Cinema Balance Filter on)
Contrast Ratio : 1200:1 (iris 75%; Cinema Balance Filter on) 1000:1 (iris 100%; Cinema Balance Filter on)
Color Format : NTSC, PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N and PAL60

Video Inputs : RGBHV (2); HDMI, s-video, composite, D4 video
Compatible Input Signals : 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p and 1080i
PC Signal : SVGA, XGA, MAC13, MAC16, MAC19, iMac_VGA, iMac_SVGA
HDMI Input VGA : 480p, 576p, 720p and 1080i Digital YPbPr and Digital RGB
Automation : Bidirectional RS-232C, 12V trigger out
Fan Noise : 27dB (lamp power min) 34dB lamp power max)
Power Consumption : 290W, 0.4W (standby RS-232C off), 3W (RS-232C on)
Dimensions : 17 5/16” (W) x 5 3/8” (H) x 12 5/8” (D)
Weight : 13.9lbs


  • Excellent contrast
  • Deep black levels
  • No screen door effect when seated 2x screen width from projector
  • Versatile inputs (including HDMI)


  • A bit noisy up close
  • No VGA (HD-15) input (PC input is supported)
  • Jumpy lens shift


One of my favorite pastimes is sharing "movie nights" with my friends. Typically, "movie nights" have essentially been small gatherings where some of our friends came over and congregated in front of the big screen TV to watch the latest DVD release. These evenings are an opportunity to share what is a pretty impressive sound system with others - after all, what good is a great surround sound system if it's coveted in one's own home? Fast forward to this review period and the recent addition of the Yamaha LPX-510 3-chip LCD projector into my home theater system. With the addition of the 3-chip LCD projector, "Movie Nights" just got a whole lot more crowded.
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