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Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector Review

by October 01, 2006
Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector

Panasonic PT-AX100U Projector

  • Product Name: PT-AX100U Projector
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarhalf-star
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: October 01, 2006 20:00
  • MSRP: $ 2999
  • Buy Now

Brightness: 2000 ANSI lumens (high power mode)
Contrast: Up to 6000:1 (full on/off)
Resolution: 1280 x 720 native HD resolution (1920 x 1080 maximum)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen native 16:9 aspect ratio (4:3 compatible)
Supported Screen Size: 40-200 inches diagonal
LCD Panel: D-5; 3 x 0.7" polysilicon active matrix
Optical System: Dichroic mirror separation/prism synthesis system
Iris: Dynamic Iris optical system constantly adjusts the brightness and gamma characteristics in real time
Video Features: Dynamic Sharpness Control adjusts video signal waveforms based on the difference in brightness of adjacent pixels, Intelligent Light Harmonizer dynamically varies gamma according to the ambient room light, Progressive Cinema Scan (3/2 pulldown) and HD IP, Cinema Color Management technology for faithful and accurate color representation, 10-bit full digital processing and 10-bit gamma correction, 7 picture modes for customizing color adjustments, Smooth Screen technology for smooth, film-like images
Scanning Formats: 480i/576i/1080i and 480p/576p/720p/1080p/24/60 (PAL equivalents supported)

Video Inputs: HDMI-HDCP, component, composite, S-video, and PC/RGB (HD15)

Projection Lens: 2x optical zoom; f = 21.7 - 43.1 mm. F/1.9 - 3.1, manual focus & zoom
Lens Shift: Vertical and horizontal (65% vertical, 24% horizontal)
Keystone Correction: +/- 30 degrees (vertical)
Lamp: 220 W UHM lamp
Mounting: ceiling, desk, front/rear (menu configurable)
Power Supply: 100-240 volts, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 290 watts (maximum), 0.8 watts (standby mode with fan stopped)
Operating Temperature: 32 - 104 degrees F (0 - 40 degrees C); 20-80% humidity (no condensation)
Fan: Whisper quiet 26dB operation (in low mode)
Projection Method: Front/rear/ceiling mount/table-top

Uniformity Ratio: 85% (center-to-corner)

Remote Control: Learning remote; 7m range on axis, 3 VDC power supply, AAA x 3 batteries
Standard Accessories
: Power cord, Wireless remote control unit, batteries for remote control (UM-3 x 2)

Optional Accessories: Serial adapter for RS-232 control

Dimensions: 15.5" x 4.4" x 11.8" in (395 x 112 x 300 mm)

Weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)


  • ZERO screen door effect from real viewing distances
  • Excellent contrast with deep, rich colors
  • Consumer adjustment of RGB gain, cut and gamma
  • Backlit remote
  • "Light Harmonizer" dynamic picture adjustment
  • 1080p/24/60 support


  • IR sensor on front only
  • Non-standard power cable
  • No 12V trigger


The PT-AX100U offers some updates to what was quite possibly the best-selling product of 2006. With smooth screen technology and a powerful lens shift, form meets function in this low cost high-performance projector.
Rinny posts on December 21, 2007 23:54
Hello having a problems with projector PT-AX100U. There's a green dot in the picture 12" in DIA. at the top of the screen. Any Cule's on what this is or to fix…Thanks:o
Rinny posts on December 21, 2007 23:53
Hello having a problems with projector PT-AX100U. There's a green dot in the picture 12" in DIA. at the top of the screen. Any Cule's on what this is or to fix…Thanks
Pell posts on December 18, 2007 00:16
I owned one of these for a while, and I must say it was absolutely incredible. We recently moved and no longer am able to use it (we moved to a loft so theres WAY to much light now) so we sold it.

To be honest though, at this point and with the street prices of the 1080p panasonic projectors I would save up some more pennies and go with the 1080p to help ‘futureproof’ a bit. Either way , kick *** projector!
patnshan posts on December 07, 2007 16:28
I have the AX100U with about 550 hours on it. I have not had one problem with it at all. I can highly recommend it from my experience. The 200U would be the current model, and it seems to have had some of the problems others noted, corrected.

basil posts on December 07, 2007 11:54
Fact or fiction- Panasonic PT AX 100u product flaw?

I was about to rush out and purchase a 100u but read on the Net very disturbing comments by several users who claimed that after +- 400 hours their machine developed the same problem …..shutting down and refusing to power-up….They each claimed that it was later found that there was a serious design flaw and faulted function with the iris. It was stated that Panasonic were very churlish about their problem and apparently weren't prepared to comment or admit that there was a design flaw in the operating of the iris.
Although each stated that when they worked they were excellent, each had the same bad experience and were met with a poor,uncaring response from Panasonic. They went on to strongly advise the readers to stay away from that model.
Can you comment on your experience,dispel these claims or confirm them?

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