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Hitachi PJ-TX100 Projector Review

by October 12, 2006
Hitachi PJ-TX100

Hitachi PJ-TX100

  • Product Name: PJ-TX100 Projector
  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStarhalf-star
  • Review Date: October 12, 2006 20:00
  • MSRP: $ 1099
  • Buy Now

Key Features
– 1280 x 720 Resolution
– HD 3-Panel Light Engine
– Exclusive Super-Focus Quattro ED
Glass Lens with 1.6 Zoom
– Horizontal and Vertical Lens Shift
– Motorized Iris for High Contrast
– 1200:1 Contrast Ratio (Iris On)
– 1200 ANSI Lumen Light Output
– Motion-Adaptive Progressive Scan
– 3:2 Film Processing

– DVI-HDTV Input: 1
– D-Sub 15 RGB Input: 1
– Wideband Component Video: 1
– S-Video Input: 1
– Composite Video Input: 1
– RS-232C Control Interface: 1

– Resolution: 1280 x 720
– Consumer Replaceable 150 Watt UHP Lamp

Convenience Features
– Illuminated Remote Control
– 5 Picture Preset Modes
– 4 Customizable Picture
Memory Modes
– Lens Shift and 1.6x Zoom for
Flexible Installation
– Whisper Quiet 25db Operation
with Front Exhaust
– VGA-UXGA Input Compatible
– Projection Sizes:
Up to a 300” Screen Size
60" 16:9: 5' 7" - 8' 10"
Throw Distance (1.7m - 2.7m)
80" 16:9: 7' - 11' 10"
Throw Distance (2.2m - 3.6m)
100" 16:9: 9' 2" - 14' 9"
Throw Distance (2.8m - 4.5m)

– Height: 5 9/16" H x 13 7/16" W x 11 1/16" D
– Weight: 9 lbs.


  • Very clear picture – excellent optics
  • Basic horizontal & vertical lens shift
  • Motorized Iris control
  • Backlit remote control
  • Versatile inputs (including DVI-HDCP)
  • 1080p compatible
  • Sleek, high-tech looking chassis
  • Bright


  • Intrusive fan noise
  • Somewhat confusing menu system
  • Poor (240p) deinterlacing via DVI-D at 480i


LCD projectors have been a favorite recommendation of mine for some time. While I love the deeper black associated with most DLP models, the lens shift functionality and lack of rainbows make LCD recommendations easy. Hitachi is not a manufacturer I have reviewed frequently on Audioholics and we’d like to remedy that in the future (after all, we want to give ALL companies’ products a chance to influence our readers, not just the usual suspects). This first pass with the PJ-TX100 projector left us wondering where we’ve been all this time. While it didn’t start out this cheap, at a $999 street price (at the time of this review) this is one projector that should be on everyone’s short list.
morkys posts on April 03, 2007 11:56
If you're using the low bulb mode the bulb is quiet enough in my experience.
hoofdpijn posts on April 02, 2007 22:17
Projector is plenty bright for HDTV viewing with light on in the room. I have a little clamp on lamp with a 60 watt bulb in it next to the couch and I can barely tell a difference with it off or on. Picture is very nice on this proj.

The fan on this thing is ridiculous and is my only regret in purchasing. Totally unacceptable level of fan noise. Unless mine is defective…Hitachi should be ashamed. It sits about 7 feet above and 5 feet behind my head and the noise is crazy. It's easily twice as loud as my Epson Home 10 which is sitting on a shelf behind my viewing position about 15 inches from my head. I've read numerous reviews of this projector and only the Audioholics review makes any mention of fan noise being an issue. All the rest say it's one of the quietest projectors on the market which makes me think something is wrong with my brand new projector. It's frustrating to have such a nice picture and to not be able to enjoy it.
bri1270 posts on February 13, 2007 10:54
How bright is this projector? I read the review and there isn't much mention of it.
Rob Babcock posts on October 17, 2006 22:31
What projectors are you used to and how far away will your next projector be from your head when you are in your viewing spot? If you have a chance to see and hear a TX 200 (HDP-J52) in action, try it out. Looks good and is definitely not loud in low mode, which is prefered anyhow.

I've never heard of the TX 200. Unless/until I move, the PJ will be mounted pretty close to where it is now, which is to say between about 12-14 feet from the front wall, essentially right above me. I prefer to stick with a screen size of about 80" or so. Most PJs will project an image of that size in about that distance range. I don't want it much closer (ie in front of me) because I find it visually distracting. Much further back & most PJs don't have the zoom to project that small, plus I don't want to lose light. Lastly, my room isn't huge, so if I go much further back I'll be getting pretty close to the back wall, which I'd like to avoid for noise & ventilation issues.

Right now I use an Optoma H31. I've been thinking of buying an HD70, because I've been delighted with my current Optoma, and the ‘70 uses the same mount as the H31- that will save me time & money. But I’ve also been thinking of getting a Mitsubishi. And while I've never cared for LCD in the past, the reviews of the A-100X would indicate it's a serious PJ.

I'm sort of holding off for now, reading reviews and waiting to see the new gen crop of PJs. If 1080P looks feasible on my budget, I'll skip the whole 720 PJ altoghether and go with the higher def machine.
morkys posts on October 17, 2006 21:59
What projectors are you used to and how far away will your next projector be from your head when you are in your viewing spot? If you have a chance to see and hear a TX 200 (HDP-J52) in action, try it out. Looks good and is definitely not loud in low mode, which is prefered anyhow.
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