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OCV 6 Listening Tests and Conclusion


We cranked up the six OCV 6 speakers and were amazed at just how loud we could get them to play. Since Tannoy helped us on the configuration specifications, we also discovered that just six speakers provided really even coverage in our 85 x 52 foot room. Music has a lot of bottom end, which surprised us - but in hindsight probably shouldn't have, given the OCV 6 specifications. Perhaps we're just surprised when reality actually matches the manufacturer's claims. We played all sorts of music through these speakers, from Sting to Christian contemporary (Switchfoot and Flyleaf were on the docket). What truly impressed us, however, was the fact that we could finally eliminate the need for a true front-of-house system. I mean it, we hooked up a wireless handheld microphone to our sound board and took a stroll around the room. Not once did we encounter any feedback, despite the fact that the Tannoy speakers were playing louder, and more evenly, than any portable sound system we had ever used in the facility prior.

The speakers played low, loud and with a fullness that made them perfect for both music and public address. That's a versatile system - and one that we believe will meet the needs of 99% of commercial installation needs. We racked our brains to come up with a scenario where the OCV 6 and OCV 8 speakers wouldn't work. In the end, it's all about height. If you have the ceiling space - and especially if your ceilings aren't flat, these speakers just seem to work well and provide a truly architectural solution that sounds great.


The OCV 6 and OCV 8 pendent-style loudspeakers are available in black or white and really serve a unique application that demands a more decorative solution to architectural sound reinforcement. We loved the amount of volume these speakers could put out and the ease with which they can be installed. As for versatility, the options afforded by the included 60W line transformer are almost unbelievable. This is a speaker any custom installer can put in, but more than that, it's an opportunity to make a statement with a client. Anyone can put in-ceiling speakers into a facility, but the OCV Series pendent-style loudspeakers may just net you that "one-up" impression that shows you have an eye for form as well as function.

Tannoy OCV Series Pendent Speakers


The Score Card

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