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Paradigm and Revel Outdoor Garden Speakers Preview



  • Product Name: Extreme Climate XC Landscape Loudspeaker series and Garden Oasis Loudspeaker system
  • Manufacturer: Revel and Paradigm
  • Review Date: November 28, 2016 20:00
  • MSRP: $750 Revel L41XC, $1250 L42XC $3000 L12XC $299 Paradigm GO4, $549 GO6, $1699 10SW, $2299 12SW
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

Outdoor speakers have come a long way, and the offerings at CEDIA this year demonstrate a commitment by all the major players to be out and be invisible; but most certainly to bring indoor quality sound to the outdoors. Manufactures are no longer satisfied with speaker housing shaped like rocks to blend into the surroundings, but indoor caliber speakers in aesthetically pleasing and understated housings that even include exterior lighting.  Dual purpose, that's that's novel!

Although there are a variety of options out there from the likes of Paradigm, Revel by Harman, Klispch, Near, Triad, and TruAudio they also seemed to be very similar in form factor.  Most of these manufacturers are bringing to market satellite and subwoofer systems for the outdoors. They are ruggedized to be outdoors and are weather resistant boasting waterproof enclosures and durable speaker materials.  One consistent feature all of these speaker models share is a variety of mounting options. Each of these speakers can be configured to be mounted on exterior walls with robust mounting brackets in trees, on deck and patio railings, under the eaves, or placed on garden spikes that firmly mount them on the ground.  Further, all of these products are at minimum IP65 certified and in some cases IP67 certified. Most provide both 70V and 100V solutions and all of these manufacturers have sealed subwoofers that can be buried leaving only a mushroom shaped vent tube above the ground to pump out the bass.

Revel By Harman


Revel by Harman showed off their new Extreme Climate XC Landscape Loudspeaker series. Utilizing a 1 inch dome tweeter and a 4 inch aluminum cone woofer on the L41XC or dual 4 inch cones on the L42XC bollard.  Harman stresses durability and longevity with a focus on sound quality. Built with acoustic lens waveguides, their tweeters offer great integration with their woofers in a package that is resistant to extremes in temperature and corrosion from salt making them suitable for even beachfront and marine applications. For installers they include low voltage or 70V/100V variable tap capability.

The L42XC Bollard version is unique in this roundup providing 360-degree lighting that has independent low voltage lighting control that is suitable to be integrated into other outdoor area or path lights. Further, they can be buried up to half of their height to reduce their visual appearance or be freestanding or deck mounted.


Rounding out the Revel collection from Harman is the L12XC, this burial subwoofer boasts a 12 inch woofer that can either be surface mounted with optional hardware or buried. It too can be installed with either 70V or 100V variable tap operation. All of these products are IP67 certified. The price for these units starts at $750 each for the L41XC, $1250 each for the L42XC and $3000 each for the L12XC.

Revelsub.jpg     Revelsub2.jpg

Paradigm Electronics

Paradigm Electronics has brought their renowned sound outside with their new Garden Oasis Loudspeaker system. This is the Paradigm’s first product in the high performance outdoor loudspeaker market. The Garden Oasis line is touted to deliver dynamic natural sound while also utilizing weatherproofing technologies for outdoor installations.

The satellites come in either 4 inch (GO4) or 6 inch (GO6) with 8ohm 70V or 100V options. Both satellites include Paradigm’s patent pending Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED) technology which claims to provide superior dispersion characteristics and performance. The satellites are encased in a completely sealed and waterproof enclosure housing the driver and tweeter components. The enclosure is made from fade-resistant thermoplastic and is tinted to blend with the outdoor environment. The thermoplastic has been treated to provide high UVB resistance to keep the enclosure from cracking over time. Furthermore, the speakers include an off-season cap for extra protection of extended periods when not in use. Paradigm offers the quick connect mounting and aiming options to give installers flexibility in mounting the speakers on the ground, deck rails, trees, or under eaves.

paradigmGO4.jpg     paradigmGO6.jpg

To further extend the system Paradigm also offers both a 10-inch and 12-inch underground subwoofer. Once installed only the chimney port is visible blending the system into the surroundings. The enclosure is constructed of high density polyethylene, the same material used in other underground applications such as septic tanks. The enclosure has been successfully tested in environments from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The chimney port also serves as a way to circulate fresh air into the system are remove heat from the woofer. The system uses a polypropylene cone woofer with a high excursion surround.

paradigm10sw.jpg     paradigm10sw2.jpg


System pricing begins at $299 each for the GO4 up to $549 for the GO6. The subwoofers start at $1699 for the 10 inch 10SW and $2299 for the 12 inch 12SW.


No matter which system you decide on, both Revel and Paradigm outdoor speakers should have you covered for great sound in eye appealing outdoor finishes.  Imagine the look on your friends and families faces at your next grill out when they try to figure out where all that great sound is coming from while all they see is seemingly ordinary landscaping fixtures. 

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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