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Yamaha A-S2000 Amplifier and CD-S2000 CD Player Preview

by October 31, 2008
Yamaha A-S2000 Amplifier

Yamaha A-S2000 Amplifier

The Yamaha A-S2000 is the world’s first integrated amp to offer full-stage balanced transmission, combining high power output with excellent sound texture and outstanding S/N performance!

Yamaha has once again innovated with a new approach to amplifier design. This is an entirely new floating and balanced power amplifier that uses power transistors with the same polarity that are not complementary. This allows the amplifier to achieve complete symmetry of pullable operation at the output stage and permits full balanced transmission (amplification) from the input jack to just before the speaker jack — a feature that has long been the dream of audiophiles.

Its capabilities will be heard to best effect when paired with the CD-S2000 Super Audio CD player, which employs the same principle. The Yamaha A-S2000 and CD-S2000 are available in black or silver finish.

A-S2000 Features

  • Full Floating and Balanced Circuit Design Achieves for the First Time the Full Potential of Analogue Amplification:
  • Full-Stage Balanced Signal Transmission
  • Floating Balanced Power Amp
  • Fully Balanced Control Amp
  • Parallel Volume and Tone Controls
  • Symmetrical Construction
  • Specially Designed Feet
  • Headphone Amp for Low Impedance Drive
  • Discrete Phono Amp

CD-S2000 Features

  • Full-Stage Balanced Signal Transmission Achieves the Ultimate in CD Reproduction
  • Full-Stage Balanced Signal Transmission Beginning with the DAC
  • Silent Loader and High Precision CD Drive
  • Fully Balanced Control Amp
  • Independent power supplies with digital and analogue completely separated
  • Pure Direct Circuitry
  • Specially Designed Feet
  • Super Sound from Super Audio CDs