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Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors Add HDMI

by January 10, 2009
Yamaha YSP-4000 Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha YSP-4000 Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha today unveiled its new YSP-4000, YSP-3000 and the YSP-900 Digital Sound Projectors, each of which provide true multi-channel surround sound from a single component that can easily be installed underneath a flat-panel television. All of these units provide true surround sound performance by focusing audio signals into precisely controlled and directed "beams” that keep consumers from having to install numerous speakers throughout a room.

The top-of-the-line YSP-4000 finally adds the much-requested analogue to HDMI video upscaling, high definition video upscaling to 1080i/720p. The YSP-3000 and YSP-900 both feature 21 built-in beam drivers and two built-in woofers, with 23 corresponding digital amplifiers and three Cinema DSP modes. The YSP-3000 supports 1080p (24Hz and 60Hz) compatible HDMI switching with two inputs and one output to facilitate pure digital connections with the latest home theater components.

The YSP-4000 and YSP-3000 are fully XM Satellite Radio ready with XM HD surround sound powered by Neural Surround. An integrated FM tuner further broadens the user's entertainment choices. The YSP-4000 and YSP-3000 also offer iPod compatibility via the optional YDS-10 dock. Once docked, the iPod can be operated (song selection, play, etc.) via the YSP's remote control and on-screen display. Yamaha's proprietary Compressed Music Enhancer technology also made the migration from their AV receiver line to help compensate for the lost detail of audio that is compressed during the "ripping” process, recapturing the essence of the original recording.

All three models create a wider soundstage than previous Digital Sound Projectors, to fill the whole room with convincing surround sound regardless of where listeners are seated. The YSP-4000 and YSP-3000 offer two all-new modes: 5-Channel Stereo and My Surround. To accommodate even the most difficult installation environments where walls may not be present or are covered with unsuitable materials, the "My Surround" mode provides surround sound without needing to reflect the beams off walls.

Each model offers additional sound settings, including 5-Beam Mode, 3-Beam Mode, Stereo+3-Beam Mode, Stereo Mode and My Beam Mode, which allows users to focus sound to a specific position in the room to avoid disturbing others. Yamaha's proprietary IntelliBeam automated system calibration enables users to quickly and easily set up each system for the optimal listening experience and intuitive, multi-language on-screen displays.

All three systems offer full support for surround sound standards, including Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo:6. Each also features Yamaha CINEMA DSP technology to create realistic soundscapes in any room. For late night movie and music enjoyment, a Night Listening Enhancer mode that allows dialogue and quiet passages to be heard clearly, even at low volumes. Moreover, a TV Equal Volume mode prevents sudden bursts of sound from TV programs and commercials.

All three of the new models feature SRS TruBass technology to provide exceptionally deep and rich bass response, and a subwoofer output to accommodate one of Yamaha's new slim design subwoofers (YST-FSW150 and YST-FSW50) for clean, rich bass reproduction.

Pricing and Availability

The YSP-4000 ($1,799 MSRP) will be available in October and the YSP-3000 ($1,199 MSRP) and YSP-900 ($899 MSRP) will be available in August. The SPM-K30, a new YSP bracket which is adjustable for use with all three models, will also be available in August for $79 MSRP. For wall-mounting applications, an optional 15-foot cable (YDS-CBL15) for the Yamaha YDS-10 iPod dock will also be available for $49 MSRP.

New Slim Subwoofers

Yamaha is also debuting two new subwoofers, the YST-FSW150 (130w; $279.95 MSRP) and YST-FSW050 (100w; $199.95 MSRP), with slim, rack-mountable, down-firing active designs that work perfectly to give its new YSP systems extra low-end audio presence. The YST-FSW150 and YST-FSW050 both have minimal heights of 5-15/16-inches and 6-7/16-inches, respectively, that make them ideal for rooms and installations with space limitations. They both feature the company's latest proprietary Yamaha Active Servo Technology II (YST II), which provides extremely stable performance and high sound pressure levels that result in natural and energetic bass reproduction and linear ports for minimizing extraneous noise.

For more information visit www.yamaha.com/home.

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