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Yamaha Adds In-Wall Component to MusicCAST System

by June 23, 2004

Yamaha Electronics Corporation, the leader in digital audio production and reproduction, introduces the stylish MCX-C15 MusicCAST In-Wall music access Client. The MCX-C15 is capable of receiving streamed audio from the MusicCAST's Server, and was developed based on requests and suggestions of consumers and custom installers.

Yamaha sparked the wireless audio revolution in whole-house home entertainment with the introduction of MusicCAST, becoming the industry's first interactive wireless home music network system capable of playing high-quality music in multiple locations.

The next natural step in MusicCAST's evolution is this sleek In-Wall Client which enhances the motif of any room while filling it with quality music. The MCX-C15 is similar to the traditional Client (MCX-A10) in that it accesses all the content stored on the main MusicCAST server (MCX-1000). Both Clients can connect to the Server or existing home networks using CAT-5 wiring. The MCX-C15 can be connected wirelessly to the Server by adding any wireless access point that supports IEEE 802.11b/g. Once a Client is placed in a room and begins to communicate with the server, that room automatically becomes a part of the system.

With its ability to store a family's entire music library on its hard drive and distribute whole-house audio, Yamaha's MusicCAST system is the simplest way for homeowners to realize the benefits of a high quality multi-room music system. Now anyone in the family can enjoy their own style of music at home anytime, anywhere, conveniently and easily.

At the core of this system is an easy-to-install "Server" ( MCX-1000 ) with an interactive on-screen GUI (Graphical User Interface), which stores music on an 80 GB hard drive, and utilizes a built-in CD-R/RW drive. At the other end are easy-to-use "Clients" In-Wall (MCX-C15) and traditional (MCX-A10) -self-contained wireless receiving systems that provide instant access at the touch of a button and play music supplied by the MusicCAST server.

Using the latest network technology, the Server streams user-selectable audio sources to remote Client units, allowing music to be played from one central location to any location in the home or outdoors. The Server-to-Client communication system can achieve up to 5 wireless connections, 2 wired connections and the Server to make up to a total 8 discrete locations for music playback. Each Client can be sent a different song or can listen to the same song simultaneously, even at different times in that song. For additional versatility and extended range, Clients can connect to existing home networks using CAT-5 wiring. An RS-232C serial port allows interactivity with the Yamaha AV receiver features of automatic DSP selection and volume adjustment.

MCX-C15 In-Wall Clients are outfitted with 17-watt x 2-channel Yamaha digital amplifiers for superb sound quality as well as a pre-out terminal for use with current audio systems, and an audio input for connecting an external or "local" source. Other features include timer function, an LCD display and joystick for control, a wireless remote control and on-screen display that uses a TV monitor. To make the In-wall Client easier to use Yamaha has incorporated four buttons on the main controller that can be assigned to the user's favorite playlists or music source. An Infrared repeater for control of other Yamaha components via remote is another new feature.

The MusicCAST Server also incorporates a CD-R/RW drive that allows you to transfer music to and from the hard drive. Music is saved in its original form to the 80 GB hard-drive at a fast speed (1hr CD approximately 3 ½ min.). Recording format is: PCM and/or MP3, which allows you to record about 100 Hours in PCM format and about 1,000 Hours in MP3 format. By using the external inputs on the rear of the unit, the Server has the ability to store or stream real-time audio from external sources, including digital satellite music, FM, LP, tape, or any other source to a Client.

MusicCAST also features extremely user-friendly On Screen Menu Icons which allow users to create playlists or access other on-screen functions, such as music information databases. MusicCAST comes with a built-in CD recognition database provided by Gracenote® and will automatically display and save an audio CD's information such as artist, album, track and music genre. With a simple Internet connection, the latest CD recognition information (track, artist, album) can be accessed through Gracenote CDDB online service and easily updated.

The MCX-C15 is expected to be available in Spring/early Summer at an expected MSRP of $649.

For more information, write Yamaha Electronics Corporation, P.O. Box 6660, Buena Park, CA 90622; telephone (714) 522-9105; email [email protected] ; or visit www.yamaha.com/yec .


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