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Von Schweikert Audio conducts Virtual vs Reality Demonstration

by June 23, 2004

San Marcos , CA-- Von Schweikert Audio will be conducting an incredible Virtual versus Reality demonstration daily at the San Remo Hotel, Las Vegas , during CES and T.H.E. Show . Can a speaker system sound as good as live music?

To answer this question, Von Schweikert introduces the new VR-11 XTC speaker system ($100,000 to $165,000 MSRP) and will be compared to the live musical group, Misty River . Playing acoustic instruments such as guitar, upright bass, accordion, banjo and fiddle, Misty River 's four female performers sing with exquisite harmony. The Absolute Sound magazine has praised Misty River 's new recording for both performance and sound quality; come hear them live and enjoy a free concert daily at the Chateau Ballroom 3 in the lobby of the San Remo Hotel.

To commemorate this fantastic event, Rives Audio's Senior Acoustical Engineer, Chris Huston, (famous for engineering recordings such as Led Zeppelin, Pattie LaBelle, Eric Burdon, the Who, etc.) will be recording the performance with the Sony Master DSD recording equipment designed by Ed Meitner of EMM Labs. Albert Von Schweikert remarked: "We are extremely pleased to have the involvement of Chris Huston. His history and expertise in the recording industry are really quite incredible and it's very possible that in conjunction with Rives Audio we may produce an audiophile hybrid SACD from these master recordings captured at the show."

Driving the VR-11 XTC will be state-of-the-art equipment by Acoustic Zen, Oracle Audio Technologies, PS Audio, and Valve Amplification Company. Active Room Correction by Rives Audio is a standard feature of the VR-11 XTC to ensure "perfect" bass response in any room. Room treatment is provided by RPG, enabling this incredible stereo system to perform at its highest potential: is it Live or is it VR-11?


Von Schweikert Audio

930 Armorlite Drive , San Marcos , California , 92069 USA

Albert Von Schweikert: Phone 760-410-1650 Fax 760-410-1655

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