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Video Without Boundaries Licenses MediaREADY Technology

by August 02, 2004

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (July 28, 2004) - Video Without Boundaries, Inc. (OTCBB: VDWB), a pioneer in the emerging Broadband Media Device market, is announcing its plans to license its MediaREADY™ 400, MediaREADY™ 4000 and the MediaREADY™ Module to consumer electronics manufacturers interested in deploying a variety of competitive broadband-enabled devices. Both the MediaREADY™ 400 and the MediaREADY™ 4000 are tightly integrated hardware designs which provide broadband media capabilities, fast time-to-market and recurring revenue opportunities for licensees. The MediaREADY™ Module is a low-cost small footprint module designed to empower television sets and other consumer electronics devices with a wide range of broadband media applications.

Global Information, Inc. in their 2004 Global Broadband Report, estimates that broadband subscribers currently number over 100 million and that growth is accelerating. They assert that the market is set to double within the next twelve months. It is expected that b y the end of this decade over 700 million broadband access lines will be in operation globally.

"With the mass adoption of broadband connectivity and in-home networking technology, it's now possible to access a wide range of digital media over the internet and move that media around the home," said Jeffrey Harrell, President of Video Without Boundaries, Inc. "The world is moving away from the storefront delivery of media to a new, all-digital distribution system. Our solutions help bring the widest availability and greatest control of digital media into peoples homes. We are well positioned in the broadband media device market to deliver the most comprehensive and proven technology solutions to consumer electronics manufacturers as well as consumers. In addition to marketing our products through our own distribution channels we feel that licensing the underlying technology to other manufacturers interested in breaking into this category will allow us to achieve even greater penetration, scale and profitability of our services going forward."

MediaREADY™ 4000 hardware
The MediaREADY™ 4000 connects to a person's TV, home stereo, home network and Internet, combining the best of digital media into a single device. As media delivery continues to shift from tangible products to electronic media, new capabilities are required from the essential entertainment devices found in consumers' living rooms. The MediaREADY™ 4000 offers the answer with an essential suite of easy to navigate, TV-centric media applications that control all the user's various entertainment choices. In addition, the product serves as an upgrade platform for future features and content, thus ensuring the product's performance and enjoyment well into the future. MediaREADY™400 hardware: The MediaREADY™ 400 takes the best features and functionality of the MediaREADY™ 4000 and encases them in a small, discreet enclosure. By offering an integrated hard drive, smart card support, Ethernet connectivity, USB/1394/superior A/V connectivity and a full go-to-market suite of TV-centric applications, the MediaREADY™ 400 brings today's high speed internet users a feature-rich solution to access their digital media.

MediaREADY™ Module
The MediaREADY™ Module can be designed into many different types of consumer electronics including televisions, DVD players, home theater amplifiers and receivers, and a host of other devices. This design flexibility allows VWB to provide a wide range of solutions for manufacturers looking to expand the feature-set of their devices. In an era when time-to-market is key, having a partner with proven hardware capabilities is fundamental to success. VWB works with the top IC solution providers in the world; what's more, no design or feature-set combination is too complicated for MediaREADY™ design products.

Video Without Boundaries is making its MediaREADY™ technology available for consumer electronic manufacturers beginning in Q4 2004. To learn more about the technology and discuss licensing terms, please send an email to [email protected] .

About Video Without Boundaries
Video Without Boundaries (OTCBB: VDWB) is a leader in the converging digital media on demand, enhanced home entertainment, and emerging interactive consumer electronics markets. We are focused on delivering broadband media products and solutions that are easy to use, easy to afford and able to entertain in ways never before imagined. Our MediaREADY™ 4000 is a first of its kind digital media center that allows you to fully access the widest range of digital media and display it on any television in your home.

Website: www.vwbinc.com

Forward Looking Statements
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