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Velodyne Shows EQ-Max Subs at 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

by October 05, 2011
Velodyne EQ-Max Subs at Rocky Mountain Audio

Velodyne EQ-Max Subs at Rocky Mountain Audio

Velodyne is showing off its new EQ-Max line of subwoofers at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, giving attendees an up-close and personal look at the new technology behind the brand new line of subs. Velodyne's EQ-Max claim to fame is its remote control operation and inclusion of built-in processing that lets users configure the product easily and simply. The sub comes in 4 different models depending upon the frequency response, output and size you want: 8", 10", 12" and 15". The EQ-Max is aimed at more budget-conscious consumers and custom installers who want a product that has advanced features, high output, and the ability to calibrate for adjusting to room acoustics anomalies.

Because the subwoofers feature a digitally-controlled 5-band EQ, the EQ-Max line can really tweak its output and frequency response to match the room, particularly when having to accommodate for limited placement options. In a procedure that mimics our Crawling for Bass subwoofer placement technique, the EQ-Max lets you place the subwoofer and then mount a microphone in the listening position. Then you simply push the “EQ” button on the included remote control. Once activated, the built-in 5-band parametric EQ (equalizer) takes over the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and calibrates the output of the subwoofer to flatten the response in teh room. Velodyne is planning on doing lots of hands-on demos and allowing attendees to use and experiment with the system to see how well it works and how easy it is to utilize.

The 2011 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is taking place October 14-16 in Denver, CO. Velodyne will be exhibiting in room 8025 on Level 8 of the Marriott Tower in the Denver Marriott Tech Center.

For more information on Velodyne, visit www.velodyne.com.

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