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Vativ HDMI 1.3a Receiver

by June 21, 2007

SAN DIEGO - Vativ Technologies today announced the sample availability of the VTV2313, the company’s next-generation HDMI receiver supporting the dynamic new features introduced in the HDMI 1.3a specification. In addition to being pin-compatible with Vativ’s first-generation 3-input HDMI receiver (VTV2310), the new VTV2313 supports xvYCC and up to 36-bit Deep Color at 1080p and UXGA resolutions. Maximum bandwidth supported by the receiver is 6.75Gbps at 225MHz.

Used primarily in high-definition televisions and displays, Vativ’s integrated 3-input, single-output receivers reduce total chip count and cost by eliminating unneeded switches, repeaters and equalizers inside the TV. The VTV2313’s ultra-compact 15mm x 15mm BGA package also occupies the least possible board space while delivering the highest available performance in the industry.

“The move to higher speeds for Deep Color support introduces a significant challenge for traditional analog design techniques in signal recovery,” said Sreen Raghavan, President and CEO of Vativ Technologies. “With our patent-pending DSP technology, we’re the only supplier able to provide a reliable, flexible solution allowing placement of front or side-panel HDMI inputs anywhere on the TV.”

Importantly, Vativ’s proprietary real-time equalization technology enables almost instantaneous on-time signal recovery with any cable, an industry first. “Without dynamic equalization, normal display delays of several seconds or more can occur when connecting a source to the TV’s HDMI input. Some users even have trouble getting any connectivity and have returned cables or TV units to the point of purchase,” Raghavan noted.

As the industry’s top-performing receiver component, VTV2313’s user-friendly, highly programmable I/O interfaces allow seamless connectivity with any video processor or Digital TV (DTV) System-on-Chip (SoC) solution. The VTV2313’s layout-optimized pinouts facilitate easy layout of low-cost 4- or 6-layer boards. A complete software library and diagnostic test application in ANSI C code are available from Vativ to minimize software development time. For an evaluation kit, or for more information on the company’s family of HDMI receivers, call Vativ Technologies at 858-658-0050 or visit: http://www.vativ.com.

Price: Under $7.00 in OEM quantities
Availability: Now for select OEMs; volume production Q3/07
Delivery: 14 weeks ARO

About xvYCC
Extended-gamut YCC (xvYCC), a video electronics color space, supports 1.8 times as many colors as the sRGB color space. An xvYCC display, along with Deep Color to reduce posterization, can display the full range of colors visible to the human eye. Deep Color and xvYCC technologies are the new features of the HDMI 1.3a specification.

About Vativ Technologies
San Diego, CA-based Vativ Technologies, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in innovative high-bandwidth, advanced digital signal processing solutions for the digital TV and 10-Gigabit Ethernet LAN markets. Backed by multiple U.S. and international patents, Vativ’s advanced architecture enables higher data rates and lower system costs, while providing greater robustness and the higher performance margins required for using low-cost media interconnects. For further information, call or visit the company’s web site at: www.vativ.com.

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