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Twelve South MagicWand Preview

by February 16, 2011
Twelve South MagicWand

Twelve South MagicWand

Twelve South introduced a new product it's calling MagicWand. The device is a new accessory that seamlessly connects Apple Magic Trackpad to the Apple Wireless Keyboard. With MagicWand in place, Mac users can fully utilize Apple’s multi-touch gesture technology with an iMac, MacBook or Mac home theater setup. Currently using a Magic Trackpad and Apple Wireless keyboard in the office? MagicWand turns those two devices into one, creating a cleaner, less cluttered work space. Using your Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard at home? MagicWand has a special “H” beam to create a stable, portable input device you can use at a desk or on your lap. No more balancing a keyboard on one knee and Trackpad on the other while working from the couch, something those who have a Mac home theater setup will really appreciate.

For added control in the office, MagicWand can be used in conjunction with a mouse. Place Trackpad on one side of your keyboard and a mouse on the other. Use Trackpad to swipe, pinch and gesture. Use the mouse for more precise movements like drawing.

Setup is easy. Simply snap your keyboard into one end of MagicWand, and your Trackpad into the other. Trackpad can be positioned on either side of the keyboard, for right or left-hand use. Designed to blend seamlessly with Apple’s design, MagicWand is practically invisible once assembled.

“Magic Trackpad is not just an extra Mac accessory anymore. Multi-Touch control is clearly the future of Mac navigation. Magic Trackpad is what delivers gesturing to your desktop. MagicWand connects this modern control directly to your keyboard to create the most elegant, flexible and convenient keyboard your Mac has ever seen.”

- Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South

MagicWand is available now and retails for $29.99.

About Twelve South
Twelve South is a company dedicated to making one-of-a-kind accessories exclusively for Apple products. The company was formed in 2009 by former executives from the fashion and consumer electronics industries, and its design team includes the original designers of landmark products like the Griffin iTrip and iCurve, and the DLO HomeDock and DLO Relaxed Leather cases. More information is available at twelvesouth.com.

BoredSysAdmin posts on February 16, 2011 09:57
This company gets sued by Apple in 3,2,1….
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