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Tripath Introduces New Class-T Amplifier

by October 14, 2005

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Oct. 13, 2005 - Tripath Technology Inc., creators of Class-T Advanced 1-bit Digital Amplifiers, is pleased to introduce the TDA1400. The TDA1400 is an amplifier driver that provides a single channel of high-quality, high-efficiency, full-range audio up 425 watts. The implementation of Class-T Technology enables low-cost commodity FETS to deliver audiophile quality (THD+N = 0.005%).

Tripath's TDA1400 is specifically targeted for monaural applications such as home theater subwoofers. It is a full-range amplifier offering excellent quality over the entire audio range and THD+N of only 0.005 percent. It is also ideal for automotive amplifiers, professional powered speakers and monitors. Several TDA1400s can be used to create high power, multi-channel applications.

The TDA1400 is Tripath's first monaural (single channel) part, and opens several new key markets for Tripath. The cost advantage provided by Class-T is a great fit for the home theater and automotive markets, while the audiophile quality is advantageous in the professional powered speaker market. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that over 5 million subwoofers will be shipped this year, including stand-alone and package systems. "These are large, consumer markets and we are excited to have a new product with such compelling features," said George Fang, Tripath's Vice President of Sales.

A complete reference design is available for the TDA1400. The entire amplifier solution occupies only 10 square inches and is easy and inexpensive to implement. The entire BOM (bill of materials) for filters and external components is approximately $10 dollars in low volumes. Class-T technology allows the amplifier to operate from standard, low-cost linear or switching supplies, yielding the best bang for the buck in the industry. "Implementing a 400 watt, high-fidelity, full-range amplifier for this low of cost sets a new industry standard," said Shawn Scarlett, Tripath's marketing manager.

The TDA1400 operates with an industry leading efficiency of 90 percent, compared with 85 percent typical from other high-efficiency solutions. Higher efficiency translates to less heat dissipation resulting in a smaller, less expensive heat sink and lower-current power supply. These improvements can result in lower cost of implementations in the targeted consumer markets. This improvement in efficiency to 90 percent is even more drastic when compared with a standard class AB amplifier where the efficiency is less than 60 percent.

Utilizing the TDA1400 can result in more efficient and scalable solutions for Tripath's customers. By changing the power supply voltage and using different output FETS, the power can be tailored for solutions ranging from 425 Watts down to 100 Watts, without changing the application circuit. The solution can also be adjusted to handle low impedances for automotive amplifiers.

The TDA1400 is available in a 48 pin LQFP package, and retails for approximately $3.60 in quantities of 1000. The reference design is available from the Tripath website with schematics, layout, and component lists for quick and easy implementation. An evaluation board is also available through Tripath's distributors. For more information visit www.tripath.com .

About Tripath Technology
Based in San Jose, Calif., Tripath Technology Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company that focuses on providing highly efficient power amplification to the digital media consumer electronics and communications markets. Tripath owns the patented technology called Digital Power Processing (DPP(R)), which leverages modern advances in digital signal processing and power processing. Tripath markets audio amplifiers with DPP(R) under the brand name Class-T(R). Tripath's current customers include, but are not limited to, companies such as Alcatel, Alpine, Hitachi, JVC, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. For more information on Tripath please visit Tripath's web site at http://www.tripath.com .

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