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Syntax-Brillian Ships 65-inch 1080p LCoS HDTV

by December 12, 2005

TEMPE, ARIZ., Dec 13, 2005 - Syntax-Brillian Corporation, a designer and developer of LCD and LCoS HDTVs, today announced that it has commenced shipment of its 6580iFB 1080p platform. The six-megapixel, 65-inch diagonal HDTV and Media Center Video Platform provides the highest commercially available native LCoS display on-screen contrast ratio(1) -- up to 4000:1 -- and the highest fidelity images available today in an LCoS rear-projection TV, including support for full-HDTV resolution 1080p input sources.

The first units of Syntax-Brillian's 6580iFB have commenced shipment to national distributors, including Starin Marketing and Electrograph, and to select regional distributors.

"The momentum behind our high-end LCoS offerings continues to build," said Vincent Sollitto, CEO of Syntax-Brillian. "Our 720p HDTV monitor recently was named product of the year for 2005 in the HDTV category by PC Magazine, topping a number of other leading brands, and our 1080p platform is generating tremendous interest for home theater, professional audio/video, Media Center server, and other applications where image quality and the highest level of HDTV performance are critical. We're pleased to have commenced shipment of the 6580iFB system and we're excited about its potential."

The Syntax-Brillian 1080p HDTV light engine uses three two-megapixel UltraContrast(TM) Gen II LCoS microdisplays that meet the highest (1920 x 1080) HDTV format. The 12-bit grayscale rendering delivers unprecedented precision of imaging accuracy. With an exceedingly fast average response time of 4ms, even the fastest sequences are projected without blurring or tearing artifacts. The 6580iFB supports 14 analog and digital inputs including ATSC-terrestrial broadcast tuner and Digital Audio (S/PDIF). It features a 170-degree viewing angle, integration for leading automation control providers, and free ISF Professional Calibration with each set purchased(2).

The product will be featured at Syntax-Brillian's Booth in South Hall 3, #25757 at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Jan. 5 - 8, 2006

For Dealer information contact: Brillian Sales at 800-706-0154.

About Syntax-Brillian
Founded in December 2005, with the merger of Syntax Groups Corp. and Brillian Corp., Syntax-Brillian is one of the world's leading manufacturers of LCD and LCoS(TM) HDTVs and digital entertainment products. With its extremely successful Olevia brand of widescreen HDTV-ready LCD TVs, one of the fastest growing global TV brands, and its highly acclaimed Gen II LCoS(TM) 720p and 1080p rear-projection HDTVs, for the high-end videoaudio market, Syntax-Brillian is uniquely positioned to deliver quality digital entertainment products that span from high-end, specialty applications to the fast-growing global mass market. Syntax-Brillian has established retail and distributor sales channels in North America, a global supply chain, and operations in Asia that allow it to leverage economies of scale to deliver both extraordinarily high-quality products and outstanding value. Company information is available at www.syntaxgroups.com as well as www.brilliancorp.com.

(1) Without special optical compensation.

(2) Terms apply. Contact Syntax-Brillian for additional details on this program.

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