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Syntax-Brillian Announces 3 New Lines of Olevia LCD TVs

by July 18, 2006

TEMPE, Ariz.- Syntax-Brillian Corp, a manufacturer and marketer of LCD and LCoS(TM) HDTVs and digital entertainment products, today announced the launch of a new line of cutting-edge LCD TVs under the company's award-winning Olevia brand.

The impressive new collection of Olevia LCD TVs -- consisting of the "3 Series," "5 Series" and "7 Series" -- features world-class technology, state-of-the-art image processing and video quality that far surpasses any comparably priced product in the market, and has been designed and engineered to elevate the Olevia brand to top-tier status among its peers. Led into the market by the Olevia 5 Series, Syntax-Brillian's latest line of TVs is the company's first complete product offering since the completion of its merger in late 2005.

"The new Olevia 3, 5 and 7 Series TVs feature the latest in video-processing technology and handpicked, state-of-the art components from world-class suppliers," said Vincent Sollitto, CEO of Syntax-Brillian. "Syntax-Brillian's expertise in TV technology, supply relationships and focus on quality in design and production have combined to create new Olevia LCD TVs that stand out as among the best in their class in the world."

The feature-rich Olevia 3 Series LCD HDTV Ready TVs are intended for general consumer use and are ideal for displaying crisp digital programming whether received via cable and satellite set-top boxes or broadcast tuner, and when displaying images from a DVD, VCR or camcorder. The Olevia 5 Series LCD HDTVs provide exceptional video and audio quality for an unparalleled high-definition cinematic experience at an affordable price, while the elegantly designed Olevia 7 Series highlights Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) -- advanced technology that redefines the ultimate home theater experience.

All Olevia 3, 5 and 7 Series LCD TVs feature new industry-leading technology innovations engineered by Syntax-Brillian to perfect video quality. Director's Image(TM) technology recreates the director's intended image through calibrated 6500K color temperature, gamma, optimized gray scales and adjustable black levels. Big Picture Technology(TM) shows without distortion up to 11% more of digital broadcast images and up to 37% more of analog images. Consumers can protect their investment by easily downloading firmware updates from Syntax-Brillian's Web site via Olevia's USB port to ensure that their TV will always perform with the latest features, software updates and image-quality improvements. Syntax-Brillian has also designed an easy-to-understand On-Screen Display (OSD) for selecting the optimum image attributes for any viewing environment.

The Olevia 3, 5 and 7 Series LCD TVs leverage the best performance attributes of state-of-the-art video processor technologies including Pixelworks(TM) DNX(TM), ATI Xilleon(TM), MTK MDDI and Silicon Optix HQV. The Olevia 3 and 5 Series models support up to 1080i resolution and the Olevia 7 Series supports 1080p. All models are designed to ensure superior clarity of lower-resolution standard analog TV channels, high-definition digital programs, VHS tape content and DVDs.

All new Olevia 3, 5 and 7 series LCD TVs also function as superior computer monitors with PC compatibility featuring up to 1366 x 768 resolution on the Olevia 3 Series and 5 Series TVs on both the VGA and HDMI inputs, while the Olevia 7 Series is capable of displaying 1920 x 1080 resolution. Additionally, RS232C connectivity and control capability allows all new Olevia LCD TV models to be used for a host of other display functions, including high-end industrial applications.

Currently shipping are the Olevia 5 Series LCD HDTVs including 27-, 32-, 37- and 42-inch models designated, respectively, the 527V, 532H, 537H, and 542i. Each Olevia 5 Series model features a high-definition native resolution of 1366 x 768 and a fast 8 ms response time that is ideal for fast-action program viewing such as sporting events and adventure films. The built-in ATSC and NTSC combination tuner provides convenient viewing of high-definition digital programs and standard analog channels. With a sharp dynamic contrast ratio of 1600:1, a cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio, and 178-degree viewing angle, the Olevia 5 Series deliver vivid colors and crisp on-screen images that can comfortably be viewed from almost any location in a room. Versatile connectivity options include PC compatibility of 1360 x 768 @ 60Hz through HDMI and VGA, and video compatibility through HDMI, HD component, composite, and S-Video inputs.

"Leveraging engineering excellence has been key to producing these new Olevia LCD HDTVs," said Sam Miller, chief product officer for Syntax-Brillian. "The powerful combination of advanced digital-image processing technologies from Pixelworks, ATI, MTK and Silicon Optix plus the leading-edge feature enhancements we've engineered gives Olevia consumers an unbeatable choice of high-quality video performance, and -- with the built-in USB-enabled upgrade capability -- a solid way to protect their investment."

Olevia 5 Series LCD TVs are available from Syntax-Brillian's network of select national and regional retailer partners. The Olevia 3 Series and 7 Series LCD TVs are expected to be introduced to the market incrementally through September.

About Syntax-Brillian Corp.
Syntax-Brillian Corp. (www.syntaxbrillian.com) is one of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of LCD and LCoS(TM) HDTVs and digital entertainment products. The company's lead products include its Olevia brand (www.olevia.com) of widescreen HDTV Ready and HD-built-in LCD TVs -- one of the fastest growing global TV brands -- and its Gen II LCoS(TM) 720p and 1080p rear-projection HDTVs for the high-end videoaudio market. Syntax-Brillian's global supply chain, Asian operations and North American sales channels position the company as a market leader in consumer and high-end HDTV and digital entertainment products.

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