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SVS Introduces PB12-NSD and SB12-Plus Subs

by July 13, 2006

The PB12-NSD is brand new, and modeled after the wildly popular and recently updated PB10-ISD (which has sold many thousands of units world-wide in its first year). The PB12-NSD (as the name might indicate) uses the new in-house built SVS 12" NSD woofer seen here. Please note the sub we will be shipping to customers as of August is NOT the predecessor model of the same name, pictured on our site today, which will be phased out over the next few weeks. Instead the sub some of you have already briefly seen in prototype form (above) is taking its place. Black, cream white and new sterling silver will be the standard color pallet (due to match upcoming versions of the also wildly popular SBS-01 speaker set introduced earlier this year. Some exciting reviews are being lined up now!

This sub is very VERY high performance, taking the PB10-NSD and improving on it with a 4" port (vice a 3" port) a FULL FEATURED amp virtually identical to the one pictured below but with a different layout of the controls (required due to some high voltage protection dictated by the CE approval process). US 110V retail pricing is $600 (before tax or shipping) so margins are good and even excellent in quantity. This sub is closer to the PB12-Plus in performance, but closer to the PB10-NSD in price, so we trust it will be a very good seller. In short, it reinforces our previous industry standard price/performance ratio for this price class.

[PB12NSD3] [PB12NSD4]

[PB12NSD1] [amp2]

PB12-NSD Features & Specs

  • Proprietary SVS-built, long-throw 12" NSD woofer

  • 325 watt BASH ® Digital Switching Amp

  • CAD cabinet with 1" front baffle and CNC bracing

  • Front-firing design with flush fit woofer

  • Patented 4" wide-flare port

  • Removable, compliant floor isolation points

  • Three finish choices to match any decor

  • Color-keyed grill with chromed mounting pins

  • Extra heavy-duty removable 8 foot power cord

  • Contemporary, "seamless" enclosure styling

  • +/- 3 dB 18 Hz-120 Hz or better (anechoic)

  • Compact size: 18" wide x 21" high x 25" deep

  • Weight: 74 pounds

Introducing the "Little" [SB12Plus4] SB12-Plus
This completely new subwoofer finally brings SVS performance to a truly small size. 14" on a side, without the grill, it's small, deep and quite powerful. While it will not quite challenge the much larger PB10-NSD down low, it's virtually a match from 25hz and up, and at less than half the size of its larger cousin. With the introduction of new notch filters and a specially created "Room Compensation" knob (with custom EQ curves for each mode that will best complement various room sizes) and XLR connections, it's among our most sophisticated amps, with over 450 watts. It sets a new priceperformance ratio in this size/price class based on testing conducted at SVS with competitive products from brands known for their products with a "micro" form factor. Retail prices in the US (before taxes and shipping) will be $699 for black vinyl, and between $749 and $799 for wood or gloss black. Wood veneer (oak, maple, and "rosenut") and gloss black will have hidden "neo" magnet retainers for a particularly clean and elegant look without the grill (black vinyl will retain the pin and cup arrangement from the PB10-ISD sub). Shipping is expected to commence in September 2006.

[SB12Plus1] [SB12Plus3]

SB12-Plus Features & Specs

  • Proprietary SVS high-performance 12" Plus woofer

  • 450 watt BASH ® digital switching amp

  • Custom room-size compensation control

  • CAD cabinet with 1" front baffle, glass lined

  • Precise CNC-milled panel construction

  • Front-firing design with flush-fit woofer

  • Removable, compliant floor isolation points

  • Furniture-grade finishes to match any decor

  • Rigid grill, chrome pin or invisible "neo" attachment

  • Extra heavy-duty removable 8 foot power cord

  • Contemporary, "seamless" enclosure styling

  • +/- 3 dB 22 Hz-150 Hz or better (anechoic)

  • Size: 14" wide x 14" high x 15" deep

  • Weight: 40 pounds

For more information, please visit www.svsound.com .

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