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Sherbourn 7/1250A 7-Channel Amplifier Introduced by Sherbourn Technologies

by August 03, 2004

N. Billerica, MA - Sherbourn Technologies has been delivering the world's first and only 7 channel amplifier utilizing 7 individual toroidal transformers AND, two power cords, for nearly two years. Universally recognized as an industry leader, Sherbourn announces an innovative follow-up.

The 7/1250A is a generation-two version that addresses a market segment that wants the capability of a seven channel amplifier but does not necessarily need the excess power and heft that a 7 transformer model offers.

"We are continually looking for better and more cost effective ways to meet the needs of our customers. Although our 7/2100A has been universally acclaimed, there is a segment that doesn't need all of the 2100 watts that this mega amp delivers." said Ron Fone, President of Sherbourn.

One thing is certain, housed in an identical chassis as the 7/2100A the 7/1250A uses similar technical circuitry as its big brother. "We are proud of the reputation we have built that acknowledges the unique capabilities of each of our amps, say Fone. "With the 7/1250A we have utilized all of the unique design features of the 7/2100A but in place of the 7 individual toroidal tranformers we have employed two huge toroidal tranformers that deliver a robust 125 watts of ultra-clean power." Unlike many others, Sherbourn rates its amplifiers @ 4/8 ohms repectively with ALL channels driven.

"The marketplace has seen a substantial shift to one box solutions for home theater applications. We strongly believe that individual components still offer the consumer the best perfomance opportunity. Receivers are an "easier" solution in that they offer all the functions in a single chassis but, to accomplish this, most manufacturers make compromises that limit the perfomance capability," said Mr. Fone. "Sherbourn's approach is to always consider performance first and the 7/1250A is yet another example of our comittment to delivering the best, most dynamic sound to our loyal customers."

Suggested Retail Price : $ 2250 USD

About Sherbourn
Founded in 1998 by industry veterans Ron Fone and Engne Tang, Sherbourn's core philosophy has been to design and manufacture affordable products with high levels of innovation, performance, build quality and reliability.

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