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Screen Research Introduces In-Ceiling Motorized Screens

by August 23, 2005

August 24, 2005 - La Chapelle sur Erdre, France - Screen Research, makers of high-quality acoustically transparent, acoustically neutral home theater projection screens, has announced the introduction of several custom installation products that are immediately available through their North American distributor, StJohn Group - http://www.stjohngroup.com/ .

These and other Screen Research products will be showcased and demonstrated in the StJohn Group booth #69 at the CEDIA Expo - Indianapolis, IN, September 9 - 11, 2005.

In-Ceiling Mounting Systems for Motorized Screens
Any of the regular motorized screens in the Screen Research product line may now be purchased with an in-ceiling box that provides for complete in-ceiling flush-mounting of the screen. The mechanical trap door version operates with the screen motor - opening prior to the screen deploying and closing after the screen retracts.

A less expensive passive, or slot, version is also available. The screen deploys and retracts through a slot in the in-ceiling box. The screen batten fills the slot when the screen is completely retracted.

As an additional benefit to installers the screen and the in-ceiling box can be purchased separately, in case the in-ceiling box needs to be installed a considerable amount of time prior to the screen installation, or if the homeowner already owns the screen and would like to upgrade the installation to a more discrete in-ceiling look.

Full technical and installation documentation is available on the Screen Research web site in the documentation area - http://www.screenresearch.com

MSRP on the new slot version models which include the screen start at $4,625; the trap door versions with ClearPix2 screen included, begin at $5,500.

Le Wing Models Now Available in Ceiling Versions
The revolutionary Le Wing - the world's first fully retractable screen and front channel (L+C+R) speaker system - is now available as a fully contained stealth mount in-ceiling version.

In multipurpose rooms where a screen must be deployed in front of a fireplace, in the middle of the room, or against an expanse of space where placing speakers is impractical or impossible, Le Wing represents the only high performance solution when the homeowner does not want a screen or speakers in sight when not watching a movie.

Now with its in-ceiling version, Le Wing can be discretely and completely hidden away until it's time to watch the big screen.

Separate motors deploy the screen and speaker unit. In the default mode, the speakers deploy and retract behind the acoustically transparent screen; however, the user also can independently control the speaker unit to deploy on its own for music listening without the screen.

All Le Wing models employ high-end driver systems from Triangle Industries, the world-renowned French speaker manufacturer, with a long list of audiophile credits.

In-ceiling models start at $15,700, are orderable now and will be shipping in October, 2005.

About Screen Research
Screen Research is a company made up of scientists and business professionals with years of experience in technology and AV design. Its main goal is to provide the best acoustically transparent screen on the market. ClearPix™2 screens have achieved THX Ultra certification and have been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

About StJohn Group
StJohn Group is a distribution and marketing company specializing in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market. StJohn Group is the exclusive distributor and marketer for Screen Research in North America and the Caribbean.

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