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Scratch-proof CDs with Scratch-Less CD Technology

by December 04, 2005

December 5, 2005 - Scratch-Less Disc Industries, creator of the innovative new optical disc designed to eliminate scratching and scuffing, announces the nationwide availability of its Scratch-Less optical discs. Scratch-Less Discs combine patented bumps and a glass-hard polymer coating to significantly reduce the possibility of damage from scratches.

The Scratch-Less Disc was designed to protect data or media stored on discs from physical damage caused by normal use and handling. The disc has 20 small, patented bumps that elevate the disc to avoid contact, thereby eliminating damage. Co-developed with General Electric, the disc's secondary layer of protection is achieved by adding a polymer coating, which gives it an extra glass-hard layer of protection. The Scratch-Less Disc can be safely slid across or lifted directly from a surface, providing unparalleled damage prevention.


The Scratch-Less Disc is currently available in CD-R and will be followed by CD-RW in the near future. Scratch-Less Disc will debut its DVD formats (DVD +R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW) in Q1 2006. The Scratch-Less Disc can be found at various retail outlets throughout the country and online at major Internet retailers. Typical pricing ranges from $1 - $2 per disc and packaging is available as bulk on spindle and slim jewel case.


For more information please visit www.scratchlessdisc.com .

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