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Scientific-Atlanta MCP-100 HD DVR with DVD Burner

by April 03, 2005


SAN FRANCISCO - THE NATIONAL SHOW - Building upon its award-winning Explorer 8300 digital video recorder (DVR) platform, Scientific-Atlanta today announced its new MCP-100 Media Center DVR with a built-in DVD burner. This market-leading product will combine all of the great features of the current Explorer 8300 platform, including multi-tuner DVR, optional high definition DVR, DOCSIS (DSG) and Multi-Room DVR capability, with a new built-in DVD player and burner.



"Our new MCP-100 Media Center will completely change the way consumers think about cable television," said Dave Davies, vice president, strategy and product marketing for Subscriber Networks at Scientific-Atlanta. "Consumers will be able to easily record their favorite programs on DVDs to watch in the mini-van, on the train, on the bus or on an airplane. Cable television has always been about entertainment in the home. We will make it easy for cable consumers to enjoy their favorite television programs wherever they choose."

The new MCP-100 Media Center will add DVD burning functionality for standard and high definition content that will give consumers the ability to simply and securely record their favorite shows and movies onto writable DVDs. The MCP-100 Media Center will support the majority of writeable DVD formats and will also play off-the-shelf DVDs and CDs. In addition, the product is being designed to respect key content protection flags including 'copy freely', 'copy once', and 'copy never' tags.

"The combination of DVR with a DVD burner in our new MCP-100 Media Center will help create exciting new revenue opportunities for cable operators, including the potential for future DVD video downloads and the distribution of other content," added Davies. The MCP-100 Media Center is currently scheduled to be available Q4 CY2005.

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Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (NYSE: SFA - http://www.scientificatlanta.com ) is a leading supplier of digital content contribution and distribution systems, transmission networks for broadband access to the home, digital interactive set-tops and subscriber systems designed for video, high-speed Internet and voice over IP (VoIP) networks, and worldwide customer service and support.

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