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Rocketfish EX7 Bluetooth Headset with PureSpeech Preview

by December 14, 2010
Rocketfish EX7 Bluetooth Headset

Rocketfish EX7 Bluetooth Headset

In the mobile phone department of any electronics retailer you'll find several Bluetooth headsets to choose from, but, for the most part, most are all the same - small, sleek and seriously lacking when it comes to being able to hear your calls clearly in noisy environments. Best Buy realized this and decided to bring to market a sleek, affordable option under their Rocketfish brand name that packs some serious vocal intelligibility technology that improves audio quality on both the near and far end of a phone call.

The new product is the Rocketfish EX7 Bluetooth headset featuring PureSpeech technology. PureSpeech is a combination of SRS VIP+ technology, which dynamically improves voice intelligibility at the near end and CSR Clear Voice Capture (CVC) echo cancellation and noise reduction software, which improves audio quality at the far end.

Caller Benefits

  • Device owner (hearing the call on a headset or handset) directly benefits from near-end enhancement
  • Significantly improves near-end sound clarity and tonal quality so the user can hear the call even in noisy environments
  • Dynamically maximizes speech intelligibility and voice clarity
  • Automatically adapts to ambient noise level
  • Fully integrated with advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation for outgoing speech

What to expect from PureSpeech:

  • Near and far end voice intelligibility enhancement
  • Significantly improved near-end sound clarity and tonal quality so the user can hear the call even in noisy environments
  • Dynamically maximized speech intelligibility and voice clarity through selective formant enhancement
  • Significant reduction of annoying ambient noise in the outbound signal
  • Elimination of distracting echoes for outgoing voice

For more information on PureSpeech, check out SRS Labs.

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