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Rives Introduces the sub-PARC EQ

by December 05, 2005

Coralville, IA - Rives Audio takes their award winning technology from the PARC and expands into the OEM market. So what could be better than the PARC? After the PARC received Stereophile product of the year in 2003 and an Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award in 2004 what could be better? The sub-PARC. The sub-PARC is primarily focused at high end subwoofer manufacturers and high-end speaker manufacturers. "The sub-PARC is a programmable cross-over and parametric equalizer with a 1200 watt digital switching amplifier", explains Richard Bird, president of Rives Audio.

The sub-PARC is absolutely state of the art, keeping the crossover and PARC circuitry in the analog domain. The crossover point can be set from 30 to 300 Hz with a fixed slope of 24 db. It can also be bypassed for home theater use and can switch back and forth from 2 channel operation to home theater via a 12 volt trigger. On top of all that flexibility is the notorious 3 band parametric and fully programmable circuitry that Rives originally developed in the PARC, plus a 1200 watt digital switching amplifier that is tailored to low frequency operation.

"This sub-PARC is ideal for high end subwoofers or for high end speakers that are going to be actively crossed over and actively amplified on the low end", reports Bird. "We have several very prominent speaker manufacturers that are interested in this technology and I expect many more will want it once it is in production." At this point the sub-PARC is strictly an OEM product and will be sold only to manufacturers.

The sub-PARC will be on display during this year's CES, January 5-8, 2006 at T.H.E. Show, St. Tropez Hotel room 1102. For more information, please visit www.rivesaudio.com .

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