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ReQuest Arqive Takes Music Back-up Seriously

by June 27, 2006

Ballston Spa, New York - June 22, 2006 - ReQuest, Inc., the industry leader in digital music-server hardware and software for home entertainment and media systems, agrees that all important data should be backed up, and that your personal music collection is absolutely no exception. With the introduction of the new ReQuest ARQIVE™, you can have the security of automatic backup of your full-library, the convenience of full functionality, and the bonus of an additional, fully independent audio zone to extend music into other rooms of the house with systems incorporating AudioReQuest N.Series, F.Series and S.Series music servers.

The ARQIVE component is so versatile that it can be placed in the same location as the system's primary music server or in another room, a separate office, workshop, vacation home, or literally anywhere in the world with broadband Internet access. When a second ARQIVE is installed in another location, ReQuest's NetSync™ technology (patent-pending) automatically transfers the music from the primary AudioReQuest server to the ARQIVE via the Internet. The owner can now enjoy full access and full-fidelity playback of their entire music library at their vacation home location while knowing they have a back-up copy of their music library in their main system.

Bill McKiegan, V.P. Sales & Marketing for ReQuest says, "ARQIVE delivers the ultimate in peace of mind to music lovers who value their personal music collections stored on their AudioReQuest. With NetSync technology, both their music server and ARQIVE back up system automatically synchronize so any changes made to the main music library will be reflected on both components."

ReQuest offers its new backup solution in three models: the ARQIVE.250, ARQIVE.500, and ARQIVE.800, capable of back-up/storage library capacities of respectively, 250, 500, or 800 CDs in uncompressed WAV format; these capacities are as much as ten times greater using data-compressed files. In the event of serious damage to the main music server, restoring the system is as easy as swapping out the hard drive from the ARQIVE to the AudioReQuest music server.

In addition to seamlessly backing up the library of the primary AudioReQuest music server, any ARQIVE model can be used as an additional zone to extend music playback to more rooms of the house simultaneously. A single set of audio outputs provides full access to the library with independent program selection and control-and, thanks to network-based distribution, no additional wiring is required.

Diagnostic monitoring of the ReQuest ARQIVE is easily available with ReQuest's proprietary ARQLink™ software which allows users to log in to a Mac or PC anywhere in the world to monitor a variety of functions including temperature, network status, hard drive capacity usage, hard drive health, operating voltage and communication status between the AudioReQuest music server and the ARQIVE.

All ARQIVE models have elegantly finished black aluminum chassis' with brushed metal faceplates and are shipped with rack-mounting hardware. Stereo audio output is by way of analog (RCA-jack) and digital TosLink S/P-DIF formats; USB inputs front and rear enable keyboard entry, while VGA, S-, composite-, and component-video outputs permit the addition of an optional display screen.

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Suggested Retail Prices:

ARQIVE.250: $2,500.00
ARQIVE.500: $3,500.00
ARQIVE.800: $5,500.00

About ReQuest
ReQuest Inc.'s manufacturing, engineering, testing, and office facilities are located in Ballston Spa, New York. The company's home-entertainment systems have set the standard for high-end digital media storage, management, playback, and system integration since 1998. ReQuest's award-winning music servers and video-management systems are the accepted leaders in cutting-edge technology. The company enjoys being regarded as having the best service in the industry, with an installed base of more than 15,000 units. Recently, ReQuest was ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 fastest-growing private businesses in America for the second year in a row. For more information about ReQuest, visit www.request.com .

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