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Rear Projection Still King at Retail Stores?

by July 25, 2005

SAN DIEGO, CA - July 26, 2005 - Among large-screen (30 inches and larger) digital TV technologies, rear projection TV (RPTV) is dominating U.S. retail channels, accounting for 57% of available product placements within the leading U.S. retailers, as of July 15, 2005. Plasma TVs accounted for a third of big-screen TV product placements, and LCD TV products made up only 14% of all televisions 30 inches and larger that are offered through U.S. retail channels.

Steve Kovsky, Senior Analyst of Digital TVs, accounts for this phenomenon, "RPTV reigns as the most popular big-screen TV technology in U.S. retail distribution channel because it continues to represent the best value to consumers. With an average selling price of $2,724, the price is considerably less than plasmas in this space, which on average retail for $4,301."

Kovsky continues, "LCD TVs have also shown significant reductions in price. In December 2004, the average selling price of an LCD TV thirty inches or larger was $4,295. Now, consumers can find an LCD TV for around $2,871."

"Despite the steady price decline of plasma TVs following the 2004 holiday shopping season, their cost remains far above RPTV and LCD TV products-and still out of reach for many consumers seeking a new TV for their home."

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