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ReadyToPlay to Use "Lasso" MetaData Service

by September 22, 2005

PALO ALTO, SEPTEMBER 23, 2005 - ReadyToPlay, the leading CD conversion service in the U.S., announced it has signed an agreement with AMG, the world's most comprehensive source for music related content and digital media management tools, to become the first CD conversion service to use AMG's "LASSO" Recognition Service as its source for album, artist, genre and track information for music CDs. The LASSO service more than triples the number of data fields captured for each track and delivers the most detailed, accurate, and standardized metadata for identifying and 'tagging' music files.

"This is a tremendous step forward for music fans and collectors planning to convert their CD libraries for use with digital players and music servers," said Jeff Tedesco, CEO and founder of ReadyToPlay. "ReadyToPlay is the first to market with this new high standard for data tagging. Working with AMG and our technology partner, RipFactory, we have combined technology, systems and robust data to provide customers with new means to organize, navigate and search their collections," he said.

"AMG clearly recognizes that broader, more accurate metadata allows all users, especially classical music lovers, to better manage, use and find a specific piece of music within their collection," Tedesco also said. With the LASSO service, ReadyToPlay can tag converted music files with extensive metadata including sub-genres, conductor, composer, key performers, release year, performance date and more, at the album and track level.

Andrew Stess, Vice President of Sales for AMG said, "With ReadyToPlay, we are setting a new standard for digital music tagging. With Lasso media recognition, ReadyToPlay is uniquely positioned to provide a superior level of service to its customers. While all of their customers will reap the rewards with clean, accurate data, those with extensive classical collections will finally enjoy all of the benefits of going digital with ReadyToPlay."

The new LASSO service was first implemented by ReadyToPlay in its work for Audio Command Systems, the largest custom audio integrator in the U.S. When faced with the task of converting a broad collection of 5,000 classical CDs, Audio Command Systems selected ReadyToPlay for its technical expertise, high quality standards in CD conversion, and its ability to integrate AMG metadata into its ripping process.

According to Audio Commands' John Clancy, Vice-President of Residential Sales, ReadyToPlay provided his company with more metadata than ever retrieved by a CD conversion service. "This is a ground-breaking project for our industry," said Clancy. "We knew the sophisticated needs of our client could only be met by ReadyToPlay working with AMG data. This was a complex project with results that exceeded our expectations." he said.

ReadyToPlay converts the music on CDs to the file formats used by digital music players and higher end audio servers and loads the converted files onto the player or home music servers. ReadyToPlay works with custom home audio integrators or directly with customers to deliver the service. ReadyToPlay will make the AMG service available to its entire customer base in the coming quarter. The ReadyToPlay service includes an exclusive process called DataGroom™, which repairs inconsistencies throughout the metadata so that consumers can search and retrieve their music more easily. With the addition of the AMG data to Datagroom™, ReadyToPlay will set the gold standard for tagging - a critical step forward for owners of large music collections.

About ReadyToPlay
ReadyToPlay, Inc. is a privately held company based in Palo Alto, California, that provides digital music services including CD conversion, audio server and portable digital audio device loading, and disaster recovery assistance ReadyToPlay offers these services to customers through retail outlets such as Cambridge Soundworks, Magnolia Audio Video and home audio server manufacturers such as ReQuest, ELAN HomeSystems, Sonos, Russound and Integra. ReadyToPlay also has partnerships in Europe through RipFactory, a United Kingdom based company. The company is on the web at www.readytoplay.com . DataGroom is a trademark of ReadyToPlay.

About All Media Guide (AMG)
All Media Guide, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a leading provider of media management technologies, editorial content, and metadata that support and enhance the merchandising and use of entertainment media. AMG has created the world's largest and most comprehensive information databases for music, video, DVDs, and video games. The AMG databases-All Music Guide, All Movie Guide, and All Game Guide-are licensed by leading consumer electronics manufacturers, major retailers and Internet sites. They are available to the public through its websites and through its published works.

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