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Radiient Ships New 1080p HDMI Switch

by June 22, 2006

Santa Clara, CA - June 23, 2006 - Radiient Technologies, a Silicon Valley based startup company, has launched its new HDMI switch/repeater, the Radiient Select-4. The product incorporates advanced performance and user interface design features, and demonstrates the company's philosophy of bringing a unique approach for ease-of-use to the living room.

The product is a four input, one output HDMI switch, packaged in a compact, consumer-friendly, rack-mountable enclosure. The Select-4 features full HDMI and HDCP compatibility, while offering 1080p input/output resolution capability. The Select-4 offers full HDMI performance up to the 165MHz HDMI specification limit. It is also functions as a true HDMI signal repeater, delivering a total transmission distance of up to 100 feet (30 meters). The Select-4 is compatible with all new DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray Disc media players.

[radiientselect4remotes] Features:

  • Four selectable HDMI inputs with one HDMI output - the perfect hub for all your HDMI AV sources
  • Tested and guaranteed performance beyond 1080p and UXGA - future-proof design
  • Automatic active source selection - detects and switches to the active input automatically
  • Solves many system-level switching and authentication problems - best-in-class compatibility
  • True repeater architecture enables 100-foot-long cable length at 1080p
  • Installer & customer friendly - designed for ease of installation and control via IR or serial port
  • Designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley USA by the co-inventor of HDMI chip technology

HDMI is the new High Definition Multimedia Interface technology, seen in many new products being brought to market by all major consumer electronics companies. The Radiient Select-4 HDMI Switch/Repeater was concepted and designed by Jano Banks, the co-founder of Radiient Technologies. Mr. Banks is the co-inventor of the HDMI technology standard.

[radiientselect4rear] Mr. Banks stated "Our goal was to design a true best-in-class HDMI switching product, with the virtues of delivering full HDMI specification performance, packaged in an attractive and functional industrial design, which is unique for this class of products. The Radiient Select-4 delivers these qualities, making it the ideal switching hub for HDMI applications in both home entertainment and commercial installations." The Select-4 is fully compliance tested and compatibility qualified, bearing the HDMI and SimplayHD logos. More information on these technology marks can be found at www.hdmi.org and www.simplayhd.com.

The Radiient Select-4 is shipping now. The suggested retail price is $399. Additional models in the Radiient HDMI product line will be introduced in the coming months. Radiient is establishing relationships with distributors and authorized resellers for the new line of products. Radiient also markets a line of HDMI-compliant interconnect cables and home theater loudspeakers. For more information, please visit here .

About Radiient Technologies
Radiient Technologies is composed of a team of industry veterans from Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Silicon Image, DVDO Inc., AlphaSmart, and other Silicon Valley companies. The team includes acknowledged industry experts in software, hardware, industrial, and product design. Overall, Radiient team members have authored more than 30 granted U.S. Patents in the fields of consumer electronics, personal computers, and PDAs.

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