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Panasonic Readies New G9 Plasma Panels

by March 19, 2006

Panasonic is now readying it latest G9 panels for deployment in the US. The new G9 panel represents the latest iteration of plasma technology and represents what, at first glance, appears to be a leap forward in technology. Using an improved black filter and a further optimization of the gas structure arrangement the new G9 panel supplies 3,072 shades of gray tones and over 29 billion colors (that's 11.5 bit video processing). The black filter serves to deflect ambient light and allow for a more true-black experience, even during daytime viewing.

Sound good? Well it equates to a stepped up 10,000:1 (stated) contrast as opposed to the 3,000:1 boasted by G8-based products. Most shipping products will include ASTC/QAM tuners and an SD card slot. They are not expected to be 1080p-compatible right off the block, but these displays mean business interms of black level detail and color reproduction.

The new displays includes a new digital processing chipset which processes the HD video signal in its original condition, without down conversion. Meanwhile, the Digital Re-Mastering Processor up-converts standard definition video signals to provide highly expressive images with exceptional detail.

Panasonic's technology is designed to offer vibrancy and richness to blacks and colors. The Advanced 3D Color Management System achieves precise control based on 3D management in the color difference plane and brightness directions. Color, brightness and luminosity are independently detected to produce the optimal quality in each, resulting in reproduction of colors that are bright and beautiful.

Panasonic's Contrast Management System optimizes the contrast by matching it to the images in each scene. Instead of losing gradation by making part of the image too bright or too dark, this new technology applies just the right amount of contrast correction for each part of the scene.

All major materials, including the type of gas used have been improved. The panel glass is now approximately 35% thinner than Panasonic's previous panel, while light transmission has been increased to create a brighter picture with less power requirements.

Expected Specs (TH-42PX60U used as example):

TV Tuner
Tuner Integrated: Yes
ATSC Digital Tuner: Yes
Broadcast Stereo Reception
Receiving System: ATSC, NTSC, M-NTSC, PAL

Screen Size / Screen Aspect: 42 inch (106 cm) diagonal
Panel: G9 Progressive HD Plasma Panel
Number of Pixels: 1,024 x 768
Applicable PC Signals: XGA (SXGA compressed)
Displayable Colours: Max. 29 billion equivalent colours for darker part
Contrast Ratio: Max. 10,000:1

Speakers: Full-Range x 2
Audio Output: 20 W (10 W x 2), 10 percent THD
Ambience: Yes

Composite Video Inputs: AV4: RCA phono type x 1 (front)
S-Video Inputs: AV4: Mini DIN -4pin (front)
Audio Input (for Video): AV4: RCA phono type connectors (L, R) (1 set, front)
PC Input: HD15 (VGA) Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (rear)
Component Video Input: RCA phono type x 3 [Y , PB, PR] (rear)
21-pin Input/Output: AV1: AV In, TV out, RGB In (rear), AV2: AV In/Out, S-Video In, AV3: AV In/Out, S-Video/RGB In
Audio output: RCA phono type connectors (L, R) (1 set rear), Headphone jack (1 front)

Screen Saver
Side Panel Adjustment
Aspect Controls: Panasonic Auto/16:9 (Full)/14:9/4:3/Zoom

Power Supply: AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D): 36.1" x 25.4" x 3.75" (917 x 645 x 95 mm)

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