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Niveus Media Ships First Vista HTPC with Digital Cable Support

by March 21, 2007
Niveus Media HTPC

Niveus Media HTPC

Milpitas, CA – March 21, 2007 – Niveus Media, Inc., an award-winning manufacturer of digital entertainment solutions for the connected home, is now shipping the company’s high-performance, Digital Cable Compatible, 2007 media centers – the Summit Series’ Rainier and Denali Editions, and the Pro Series’ n9 and n7. Enabling premium HD television functionality across all Niveus Media Centers, the CableCARD-ready systems deliver the ultimate in audio and video performance in a media center to date.

Niveus’ new Media Server line, including the passively-cooled Summit Series’ Rainier and Denali and rack-mountable Pro Series, delivers the highest level of Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center performance for home theaters. Windows Vista, including highly anticipated CableCARD technology, will now allow consumers to enjoy one-way cable programming and enable them to view and record premium digital HD content without the use of a set-top box via the Niveus Digital Cable Receiver; an external, dual CableCARD receiver unit that can be paired with any Digital Cable Compatible Niveus Media Center.

Niveus Media Centers are also among the first Windows Vista Media Center-based products to offer stunning 1080p playback via the HD DVD platform. Providing faster frame rates, higher quality television, faster music encoding, rich graphics, and quicker response time, Niveus’ 2007 editions are also amongst the first Windows Vista Ultimate-based Media Center systems to incorporate Intel’s Viiv technology, including Core 2 Duo processors, HD DVD and HDMI output; all in an audio/video component form factor.

Niveus’ first entry-level media center priced for mid-to-high end home theaters, the Rainier measures just over 4-inches tall. Built upon the platform of the acclaimed 2006 Denali, the Rainier features Niveus’ unique chassis, with an all new front panel and signature extruded aluminum heat sinks. The Rainier boasts an impressive list of specifications including: Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 3 television tuners {2x Digital Cable Tuner (via Niveus Digital Cable Receiver unit), 1x ATSC}, 750GB of storage, 2GB of memory, Nvidia’s GeForce Series 7 graphics, and 8-channel audio. The Rainier also incorporates HDMI, an integrated IR Receiver/Blaster, Serial (RS-232), Wireless 80211.b/g, and an integrated flash card reader (SD, MMC).

Measuring over 8-inches tall, the 2007 Denali and Denali Limited Edition were designed to deliver the ultimate in power, performance, and graphics. Niveus’ 2007 Denali line incorporates HDMI video output, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4 television tuners (via Niveus Digital Cable Receiver unit), 1.5TB of storage, 2GB of memory, Nvidia’s GeForce Series 7 graphics, Serial (RS-232) and high-quality audio including 8-channel analog output. Both the Denali and the Rainier feature Niveus’ proprietary Glacier Passive Cooling technology (active & passive cooling) and patent-pending Niveus ConvergencePanel; the Summit Series is Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) Certified.

Designed with the custom installer in mind, Niveus’ Pro Series n7 and n9 incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver one of the fastest, most powerful media server solutions on the market, in a convenient rack-mount form factor. The HD DVD enabled and Vista-based Pro Series includes the highly-anticipated Intel Viiv technology and Core 2 Duo Extreme processor, Nvidia’s GeForce Series 8 Graphics and HDMI output. Packed with the compatibility and functionality to perform as a central media distribution hub for the digital home, the Pro Series offers broad third party control and enough horsepower to distribute audio and video throughout a multi-zone home. Each feature Niveus’ proprietary Glacier Passive Cooling technology (active & passive cooling) and patent-pending Niveus ConvergencePanel, HDMI and RS-232, as well as hard drive storage options in the n7 and n9 (1TB to 3TB HDD, respectively). The n9 boasts 4 television tuners, 2GB of Memory, and high-quality audio including 8-channel analog output.

Niveus Media’s 2007 Summit Series – Rainier Edition and Denali Editions have an MSRP starting at $3,199 and $7,999, respectively. MSRP of the Pro Series n7 and n9 start at $7,999 and $15,999, respectively.

For more information on Niveus Media, Inc., please visit www.niveusmedia.com.

Audioholics posts on March 23, 2007 10:32
These products are not targeted to the DUY crowd, but to people and dealers who demand support and products that don't involve a lot of work to set up and configure. An HTPC is definitely NOT an easy thing to set up for most people.
cusky5oh posts on March 23, 2007 09:37
DIY cable card?

Niveus Media looks to be offering a really good media center package for those who can afford it, why is it that a person can build a media center camparable to Niveus' most expensive product, but cost thousands less, (minus the cable card support, which to me, doesnt mean a whole lot) i think i need to get into the media center building business.
1 media center following a home theater component form factor,
core 2 duo processor,
2 gigs memory,
nvidia 8800 gtx
dual hdtv tuners/1 analog
1 terabyte storage
similar Niveus product,
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