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NHT Intros New PVC Passive Volume Control

by April 27, 2007
NHT PVC passive volume control

NHT PVC passive volume control

BENICIA, CA, April 17, 2007 – NHT is once again raising the bar on PC HI-Fi audio by introducing a new PVC (Passive Volume Control) model to its line of high performance PC Hi-Fi products.

The new PVC, dubbed PVC PC, is, as the name suggests, targeted to consumers who listen to music and enjoy movies on their computer systems, or by connecting a digital player directly to powered speakers. Unlike its predecessor, PVC Pro, which was designed primarily for professional audio applications where balanced XLR connectors are common place, the PVC PC features both Left/Right RCA and 3.5mm (mini-headphone) jacks for input and output.

“The original PVC was introduced long before the majority of consumers were treating their computers and portable devices as entertainment centers,” said NHT Founder Chris Byrne. “But now, the proliferation of iPod® docking stations, lossless digital downloads and higher resolution, sonically aggressive PC games are opening up consumers’ eyes and ears to the potential of multimedia audio.”

The PVC PC ($160), provides a simple “no gain, no pain” desktop stereo volume control solution for precise sonic adjustments, from 0 to – 40dB.  Like its new “Pro” counterpart, the new PVC PC features high quality Jensen® transformers that isolate the ground between the source unit and the playback components for noise-free performance.

The Passive Volume Control is particularly valuable in applications where a computer or portable device is a primary source of audio playback; a common scenario in today’s consumer electronics market. But, even more important to PC users and gamers is that by using an advanced outboard volume control, consumers bypass a computer’s “software volume control” applets that reduce bit rate and, ultimately, sound quality.

Along with the PVC PC passive volume control, NHT continues to offer the M-00 (or as it is known in multimedia and pro audio circles, the “moo”), a compact, two-way acoustic suspension mini-monitor with an integrated power amplifier that provides 75 Watts RMS continuous output, 150 Watts peak. When combined with the S-00 (“soo”) compact powered subwoofer and Passive Volume Control, end-users are rewarded with a full-range, high output multimedia sound system that is transparent, detailed, and equal to or better than most high-end home audio loudspeakers.

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