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NHT Demonstrates New DSP Controlled Speakers in NYC

by June 23, 2004

What: At CES '04, NHT previewed a radically new, DEQX-calibrated speaker system that will be the first home audio model to feature true DSP speaker correction . Now, it's time to deliver on the promise.

NHT invites you to see and hear the future of home audio loudspeakers. On hand will be company representatives, as well as representatives of NHT's two partners for the project, DEQX and Power Physics.

NHT's DSP speaker system consists of a small satellite speaker, powered subwoofer, and outboard component housing the DSP processor and Class-D amplifiers. With DSP, NHT presents a path for correcting system behavior that meets consumer demands for higher performance, smaller systems that are flexible in placement considerations and ultimately lead to significantly enhanced imaging and overall performance.

True reference quality audio, precise imaging, and ultra-flexible attractive monitors for the most placement options. It's what you expect from NHT.

When: June 22 - 23, 2004

Where: The Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue at Central Park South (Specific suite number to be confirmed one week prior to the event .)

RSVP: Four (4) hour-long, small-group sessions will be held each day - 10:00 AM , Noon , 2:00 PM , and 4:00 PM . To make an appointment, and/or receive additional information, please contact:

Adam Sohmer
718-499-9161 (voice/fax)
347-512-0066 (mobile)
[email protected]

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