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MXW-920 Universal Waterproof RF Remote Control from URC

by August 17, 2011
MXW-920 Universal Waterproof RF Remote Control

MXW-920 Universal Waterproof RF Remote Control

Universal Remote Control (URC) has just sent us an email detailing their new water resistant RF remote control, the new MXW-920. This remote is one-way, and seems perfectly suited for poolside or patio use. It uses the same programming methodology as their popular MX-900 and KP-900 remotes and features a monochrome LCD display. The remote can be programmed with URC's CCP (Complete Control) software and it uses the 418MHz Narrow Band RF for interference-free broadcasting of commands to any of URC's compatible receivers. The remote is powered by four (4) AAA alkaline batteries and, like the buttons, the compartment is gasket sealed to prevent water infiltration.

This is a cool remote that's sure to be very popular with custom installers and consumers alike. While not completely water proof - it does give a nice splash-proof solution for outdoor use and delivers something that I expect will become one of the company's hottest-selling products this year.

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