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Mitsubishi Presentation Products Launches Website

by December 19, 2004

IRVINE, Calif - Dec. 20, 2004 - Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's Presentation Products Division, maker of award-winning, high-quality presentation and display products, today announced the launch of its new interactive Web site specifically targeted to movie and home theater aficionados. Online at www.mitsubishi-hometheater.com , the site provides information on sound and video technology and news on the latest in home theater products and features. Also available are installation tips and additional considerations to aid pre- and post-purchase planning for the most affordable and performance-driven home movie and theater experience.

"Our new home theater site was created in response to inquiries from customers," said Marty Lash, retail sales manager, home theater projectors for Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "The home theater marketplace is so new and growing so fast that people are scrambling for good, credible information to help them get started. It's a viable marketplace and a whole new industry category. Over 50 percent of our Web site visitors are finding us through searches for 'home theater.'"

Designing a Home Theater
In addition to a unique interactive tutorial on DLP(TM) chip projector technology, the new Mitsubishi site offers valuable and practical information for designing a home theater to fit individual home environments. Separate discussions are provided for different rooms within the home, such as living rooms, family rooms and even the most exclusive, dedicated home theaters. The site also walks visitors through selecting and installing sound and video equipment. There are even suggestions regarding screen options and furniture placements.

Five categories are covered in each environment: budget and installation; screen and projector; room lighting; sound; and furniture. Each section contains usage tips, technical background, installation directions and important how-to information for people looking to add to their existing home theaters as well as those preparing to create a new home theater space.

Free Home Theater Newsletter
The new Web site also has a section where visitors can subscribe to a free newsletter. The monthly e-mail newsletter contains the latest news on the home theater industry, product announcements and upgrades, in-store promotions and technology advances. The interactive newsletter allows subscribers to download online brochures and link to other important home theater sites and data, as well as submit story and feature ideas and request targeted professional editorial content.

"The Web site and the newsletter are for those who already know a bit about home theater as well as those starting from scratch," said Aki Ninomiya, vice president, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "We also wanted to create ongoing dialogs among Mitsubishi and its visitors and subscribers to keep the site relevant and reflective of the state of the home theater market and its customer base."

About Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Presentation Products Division
Mitsubishi Presentation Products Division, a division of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Inc., markets an extensive line of presentation and display products and is known for its award-winning, high-quality, accurate color reproduction technology. Products are sold through authorized distributors, resellers, retailers and dealers throughout the United States. Mitsubishi Presentation Products is located at 9351 Jeronimo Rd., Irvine, CA 92618. For more information, please call 888-880-6351 or visit www.mitsubishi-hometheater.com .

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