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Meet... MeetGadget.com

by July 13, 2010


One of the nice things about offloading a majority of our advertising to a third party is that you are often able to meet and interact with interesting people and other websites that have similar or related interests to your own. We were recently introduced to Pressian Karakostov, Editor-in-Chief of PhoneArena.com, one of the world's premier web sites dedicated to covering the latest news developments about cell phones, along with a comprehensive database of device specifications that allows you to filter and compare according to a specific criteria. Pressian has been publishing PhoneArena.com for over 7 years along with a dedicated team of professionals and contributors.

MeetGadget is a subset of the PhoneArena network that Pressian operates that helps consumers find all information on various gadgets, including specifications, discussions, news, professional and user reviews. It's a great resource that aggregates a lot of information into a very useful resource. Registered users are also be able to follow the devices they like and easily share their passion for gadgets with other members.

MeetGadget.com is like a gadget meet-up place. Users can find all the interesting devices in the online database and if any are missing, they can add them themselves! Reviews and discussions are posted by other users and everyone can share their opinions on the MeetGadget forums with the rest of the world. Unlike most sites where you can be inundated with tons of gadgets that are of no interest to you, MeetGadget allows you to add your favorite gadgets to a list in your profile. Then you get information targeted to and about them - fast and easy.

We like to alert our readers to other places where they can get good information oon products (such as gadgets and phones) that Audioholics doesn't cover. If you haven't yet checked it out, head on over.

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