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LG Rolls Out New LCDs-Plasmas with DVR

by February 06, 2006

Today at the Hilton hotel in Seoul LG showcased a complete line of flat panel LCD and plasma HDTV's that feature built in DVR .

Regarding his company's forward thinking designs Executive Vice President and CEO of LG, Sang Han Yoon was quoted at the event as saying:

"Today's TV viewers already have too many choices in high-resolution widescreen TVs." But not enough to deter LG from adding a few more.

The new line from LG will come in both LCD and Plasma. LCD panels will be available in 37", 42" and 47" and plasma models in 42", 50" sizes. The DVR capacity will be a full 250GB, enough for 21 hours of HDTV content. The new higher capacity is a jump from current models LG demonstrated at CES '06 which have 160 GB drives. The DVR functions will include commercial skipping capabilities and high speed rewind and fast-forward. The TV will have a lot of extra functionality but if you've been waiting for 1080P with a built in DVR you'll have to continue waiting, 1080P/DVR is one feature LG has overlooked so far.

But there are lots of added extras in the new line. A multi-format memory card reader will not only allow users to view still images but will also read MP3s. The TVs built in HDD is capable of storing your MP3s or digital photos. The card reader will be compatible with nine different formats CF/MD/SD/SMC/MMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Pro Duo/xD.


  • Build in HD-DVR (250GB)
  • ATSC/NTSC/QAM Clear Tuners
  • CableCARD
  • On Screen Programming Guide
  • 9in2 Multi-Memory Card Reader
  • LG's XD Engine
  • HDMI
  • IEEE 1392
  • 5000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1366x768P

LGs PVR/Plasma designs have been enough of a success to expand the line-up. Since their release last year the PVR/Plasma combos have accounted for no less than half of LG's total plasma sales worldwide. At the event in Korea LG also highlighted its 'lifestlye' branding and the company's intention to be the global number one plasma display manufacturer in the world. Cross town rival Samsung would probably have something to say about that.


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