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LG.Philips LCD Announces P7 LCD Fabrication Plant

by November 30, 2004

SEOUL, Korea - Nov. 30, 2004 - LG.Philips LCD today announced investment in its seventh generation TFT-LCD fabrication plant, 'P7', which will be the first TFT-LCD fabrication plant in Korea's Paju Display Cluster.

The Board of Directors of LG.Philips LCD made its decision on the investment in its seventh generation TFT-LCD fabrication plant during its meeting yesterday in Seoul. Total investment for 'P7', which will be developed in phases, is KRW 5,297 billion. LG.Philips LCD plans to begin ramping-up 'P7' in the first half of 2006. Initially, LG.Philips LCD will implement a production capacity of 45,000 input sheets per month, gradually ramping-up to full production of 90,000 input sheets per month. This phasing of 'P7' will allow LG.Philips LCD to respond to various market conditions while better managing risk.

'P7' will use 1950 x 2250mm glass substrates in the production of TFT-LCDs. As the world's largest glass substrate used so far for TFT-LCD fabrication, 1950 x 2250mm is efficient for the production of 42-inch and 47-inch wide TFT-LCDs, as well as other large and wide displays used primarily for flat TVs and large monitors. 42-inch has already become the large screen HDTV standard in many countries. Building upon its success in establishing its sixth generation TFT-LCD fabrication facility (the most efficient for 32-inch and 37-inch wide TFT LCD TV production) as an industry standard, LG.Philips LCD will establish another industry standard with the world's first seventh generation TFT-LCD factory to use 1950 x 2250mm for substrate glass. These sixth and seventh generation facilities are complementary in meeting the market standard road-map requirements for large and wide TVs of 32, 37, 42 and 47-inch wide screen displays.

The establishment of the Paju Display Cluster, which broke ground in March 2004, is progressing well with the LG.Philips LCD Paju LCD Complex under construction on the 1.65 million square meter lot allocated to LG.Philips LCD. With the launch of LG.Philips LCD's seventh generation TFT-LCD fabrication facility in 2006, the Paju Display Cluster is expected to grow into the world's premier display cluster.

LG.Philips LCD is committed to its 'P7' investment. This investment will create employment opportunities and invigorate nearby TFT-LCD industry-related businesses, including component and equipment makers. There is an additional 1.98 million square meter lot in the vicinity dedicated to related display component suppliers and customers.

About LG.Philips LCD
LG.Philips LCD is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) panels. The Company manufactures TFT-LCD panels in a wide range of sizes and specifications primarily for use in notebook computers, desktop monitors and televisions. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, LG.Philips LCD currently operates six fabrication facilities in Korea and has approximately 12,000 employees in locations around the world. For more information about the Company, please visit http://www.lgphilips-lcd.com . LG.Philips LCD makes "Technology you can see!"

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