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Leon Speakers Horizon UT Series Preview

by April 19, 2011
Leon Speakers Horizon UT Series

Leon Speakers Horizon UT Series

Leon Speakers launched the next iteration of the company's Horizon Ultra-Thin speakers. Offering 2 new products, each less than two-inches in depth, the remodeled Horizon UT and all-new Horizon UT-X-A head into the low-profile loudspeaker segment with industry-leading capabilities and a slick design and style which nicely matches thin LCD and LED televisions. Mixing left, center and right channels in a single streamlined cabinet and expertly constructed to complement the sizing and finished look of any ultra-thin television, these new loudspeakers are designed to provide a truly hi-fi audio system for home theaters.

At just 1-1/2" thick and 4" in height, the Horizon UT (HzUT) uses Leon’s exclusive 2.5" aluminum woofers which deliver accurate sound reproduction down to 120 Hz. An audiophile-grade, ~1" cloth-dome tweeter provides smooth, clear audio. This new multi-channel loudspeaker provides detailed sound reproduction, and it can be matched with Leon’s ultra-thin or in-wall subwoofers. With each cabinet custom-built to exactly match the dimensions and finish of any ultra-thin TV, the HzUT seamlessly integrates with any home theater sporting an ultra-thin television.

The flagship-quality Horizon UT-X-A comes in at less than 2" deep and just 4.5" in height. It features 3" glass fiber cone woofers and a 1" cloth-dome Morel MDT-12 tweeter to create a warm, lifelike acoustic range, capable of approaching 80Hz and extending to 22kHz. Custom-built to match the precise measurements and finished look of any ultra-thin television, the HzUT-X-A is designed for interior decorators' and customers’ critical eyes, along with those having discerning ears.

Both thin speakers provide a transparent audio solution and easily mount on the wall or any mount with Leon’s universal bracket. Each loudspeaker can be purchased in LCR, LR or Center-channel-only versions and is custom-made to exactly match the dimensions and finish of any TV. Better yet, custom installers and consumers can take delivery in just 3-5 business days. Both the HzUT and the HzUT-X-A are slated to ship starting April 15, 2011.

For more information about Leon Speakers visit www.leonspeakers.com.

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