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Kung Fu HD Featured on Voom HD in Feb-May

by February 02, 2006

Fans of martial arts films have a new high-definition home on KUNG FU HD. Part of the VOOM HD Networks, television's largest and most diverse suite of high-definition channels, KUNG FU HD is available nationally on Dish (Channel #9479).

Each month, KUNG FU HD dedicates Wednesday nights to one of the greats of the genre. This month, the honor goes to "The Dragon," Bruce Lee, a master who not only established the popularity of Kung Fu movies in the West, but drew millions into the practice of martial arts. Kung Fu All Stars presents four of his influential films, along with the documentary Bruce Lee: The Legend, a tribute featuring archival footage of Lee, as well as interviews with friends and colleagues such as Jackie Chan, Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Chuck Norris.

KUNG FU All-Stars: Bruce Lee will run every Wednesday night in February at 8:00 p.m. EST. On KUNG FU HD (DISH channel 9479). The air schedule is as follows:

  • February 01: The Big Boss, followed by Bruce Lee: The Legend at 9:40p.m.
  • February 08: Fist of Fury
  • February 15: Way of the Dragon
  • February 22: Game of Death, followed by Bruce Lee: The Legend at 9:45p.m.

In March, KUNG FU HD will pay tribute to Jet Li and air a Wu Xia Weekend (March 17-19). Details follow below:

  • March 01: Kids From Shaolin, followed by Born To Defence
  • March 08: The Master
  • March 15: Legend of the Swordsman
  • March 22: The Defender aka Bodyguard

Wu Xia Weekend - March 17-19
Some of Hong Kong's most influential films featuring legends like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Way of the Dragon , Chinese Connection aka Fist of Fury , Big Boss aka Fists of Fury , Dragon Lord aka Young Master in Love and Wing Chun are the focus of Wu Xia Weekend. Wu Xia is considered slightly different from the martial arts film genre due its distinguishing characteristics of action scenes centered on swordplay as well as a stronger emphasis on melodrama and themes of bonding, friendship, loyalty and betrayal. Literally meaning "martial arts chivalry" or "martial arts heroes" from Mandarin Chinese, Wu Xia was introduced into Hollywood in 2000 with Ang Lee's critically-acclaimed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and served as the inspiration for the popular Matrix trilogy. Wu Xia Weekend spotlights the category's classic titles. Wu Xia Weekend airs March 17-19 on KUNG FU HD (DISH channel 9479).

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