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Impact Acoustics Launches PS2 and Xbox Meteora Cables

by January 21, 2006

Dayton, Ohio January 5, 2006 - Impact Acoustics™, a leading manufacturer of high performance audio/video connectivity solutions, proudly introduces its new line of Meteora™ Playstation 2® and Xbox® Compatible Video Interconnects with Stereo Audio. Impact Acoustics' Meteora Game Console Cables offer the ideal combination of beauty and performance to provide the ultimate images and sounds that these gaming systems can possibly provide with a high-performance look.

Impact Acoustics Meteora Game Console Cables are available with two different interconnect options. For serious gamers who are using a high definition television, there are the Meteora Component Video Interconnects with Stereo Audio. For gamers using a standard-definition television there are Meteora S-Video/Composite Video Interconnects with Stereo Audio. Both types of interconnects are available with either PS2 or Xbox compatibility and are available in lengths of 6ft, 12ft, and 18ft.

Meteora Game Console Cables sustain maximum performance through the advanced cable design, construction, and materials that that go into each Impact Acoustics product. These interconnects feature oxygen-free copper conductors and an impervious dual shielding system. The dual shield design of these cables allows maximum isolation from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), protecting delicate audio and video signals to the output devices. A foamed polyethylene dielectric maintains the critical cable geometry and ensures a dielectric property close to that of air. Twisted pair audio cables eliminate common-node noise, providing the most detailed audio experience each system has to offer. An unique hybrid connector provides added reliability and the strain relief of a molded connector. A tough braided sleeve protects assembly and provides the hot look Meteora cables are known to provide.

Meteora Game Console Cables and all Impact Acoustics products are available through various distributors, resellers, and online at www.impactacoustics.com. They are protected by a lifetime warranty against defects of materials and workmanship.

Sony®, PS2® and PlayStation® are registered trademarks of Sony, Inc. Microsoft® and Xbox® are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. These products are not manufactured or endorsed by Sony, Inc. or Microsoft, Inc.

Summary of Key Features and Benefits

  • PS2® and Xbox® Compatible cables available in both interconnect types in lengths of 6ft, 12ft and 18ft.
  • A dual-shield design that protects delicate audio and video signals.
  • Twisted pair audio cables eliminate common-mode noise.
  • Oxygen-free copper ensures maximum fidelity.
  • Hybrid connector provides added reliability.
  • Gold-plated contacts for lossless signal transfer.
  • Tough braided sleeve that protects the assembly and provides a hot, high-performance look.

About Impact Acoustics
Impact Acoustics is a division of Lastar, Inc. Since 1984, Lastar has been a leader in computer connectivity. Under the brand name Cables To Go, Lastar created a line of computer connectivity products renowned for quality and value. Cables To Go uses the finest components and the latest construction technologies to maximize cable performance and ensure compliance with industry specifications for each cable and its designated application. From PC Cables and Adapters to Networking and Data Sharing products, Cables To Go has delivered the best products at an always-competitive price.

In 2002 Lastar created Impact Acoustics in order to deliver its expertise in computer and data connectivity products to the consumer and commercial communications electronics industry. Tasked with a single goal - to manufacture and deliver the finest performing products at the most competitive price possible - Impact Acoustics has the ability to leverage the Lastar manufacturing facilities, sales team, service team and engineering professionals to deliver state-of-the-art audio and video performance at prices that define value. For more information regarding Impact Acoustics visit www.impactacoustics.com, or contact Joseph D. Cornwall at (877) 283-9737 x332.

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