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IKEA UPPLEVA TV with Integrated Electronics, Remote, 2.1 Audio

by April 13, 2012
IKEA UPPLEVA TV with Integrated Electronics

IKEA UPPLEVA TV with Integrated Electronics

If you thought that bringing home a TV and attaching the base was too difficult, then IKEA has a solution for you. Now, with the UPPLEVA, you can order an entire entertainment center with the TV built in. Now, finally, you can assemble your TV in 32 different steps with no instructions except a series of pictoral diagrams that look like they were made by exiled Singapore children using .06 rapidograph pens dipped in oil. If you didn't understand that last reference, don't worry, we're just prepping you for the confusion that will be the IKEA television-slash-furniture system.

The truth is, IKEA may figure out that the system needs to come pre-configured. Still, we can't imagine there won't be at least some of that treasured IKEA confusion we all love to... love... in that bittersweet way that IKEA makes us want to buy what they have one minute and then curse them incessantly over the next several hours. IKEA let on that their UPPLEVA flat panel television systems will be manufactured by TCL, which is the Chinese company that bought out RCA's TV division.

IKEA's new UPPLEVA system is going to include a television, Blu-ray player, stereo speakers, and even a wireless subwoofer. The all-in-one furniture solution will also come ready for Internet connectivity and online services for audio and photo sharing, include an FM radio and even have a place to dock your iPod. Apparently, it will even include a universal remote control to link it all together.

But that's not the best part. The UPPLEVA will start at just under $1,000 and will be available in an almost limitless amount of colors and configurations - similar to what you're used to with IKEA furniture systems. Even the TV will be available in at least 4 sizes (we're guessing 37", 42", 50" and 55"). That's actually an insanely good price, assuming the TV is at least 50" in size and it includes all that it purports to. It also comes with a 5 year warranty, which is not shabby, particularly if you have a local IKEA store to handle the exchange. Check out the video to find out more about the new system. 

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