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HDMI 1.2 Coming to PC Cards

by October 22, 2005

Silicon Image recently announced that ATI Technologies and nVidia are designing reference graphics cards incorporating their PanelLink SiI 1930 transmitter. Additionally, Silicon Image is now sampling a reference ADD2 card, based on the PanelLink SiI 1390, for PC platforms using the Intel 2006 graphics chipsets. The SiI 1390 and SiI 1930 transmitters are the first integrated solutions designed to interface directly to the video and audio interfaces of PC platforms to enable seamless, secure access to high definition content. The reference graphics cards from ATI and nVidia and the ADD2 card from Silicon Image are targeted at PC OEMs and retail graphics cards makers to support the increasing demand for viewing secure HD content on PC platforms using the widely deployed High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

The pending release of both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray formats is forcing PC manufacturers and technology developers to take into account a need for high definition interface. With DRM issues and other such demands being put on manufacturers and content provider alike, the solution is going to have to be secure. The HDMI interface is the de facto standard consumer electronics multimedia interface and brings the same level of quality, simplicity and interoperability to PC environments. With the recent release of the HDMI 1.2 specification, HDMI has incorporated changes that meet even more needs of the PC market and brings consumer PCs closer to broadly implementing HDMI. The SiI 1930 transmitter used on the new ATI and nVidia reference graphics cards integrate the HDMI 1.2 functionality to provide access to premium digital content.

"Today's announcement illustrates the increasing demand and momentum for HDMI solutions in the PC market," says Joseph C. Lee, Silicon Image Director of Product Marketing, PC and Display Products. "The HDMI standard paved the way for the delivery of high definition content for the consumer electronics market and is doing the same for the PC market. The immediate availability of HDMI solutions on desktop PCs, notebook PCs and retail graphics card products will enable the impending convergence of the PC and CE market, making the consumer multimedia experience seamless regardless of platform."

The SiI 1930 is designed for graphics cards applications using a discrete graphics processing units (GPU), and supports TMDS™ input with HDMI output. It supports a wide variety of audio interfaces including Intel® High Definition Audio, (Intel® HD Audio) HD-Audio, SPDIF, and three channels of I2S to ensure compatibility with any PC audio hardware and unprecedented digital audio quality of up to 8 channels at 192kHz sampling rate.

"As a leading graphics provider, ATI graphics products now offer the HDMI interface to bring the ultimate multimedia experience to our customers" says Matt Skynner, Director of Desktop Discrete Graphics, of ATI. "With this feature enabled by the SiI 1930, platforms using ATI graphics will be capable of true audio & video multimedia connectivity with a variety of PC displays, digital TVs, and other CE devices."

"HDMI is quickly being recognized as one of the multimedia interfaces of choice for CE devices," states Ujesh Desai, general manager of desktop GPUs at NVIDIA. "By using the SiI 1930, NVIDIA is able to process and display full-resolution HD content on to digital displays with the highest video and audio quality."

The SiI 1390 supports the Intel SVDO input for PCI Express integrated graphics chipsets with fully compliant HDMI 1.2 output supporting up to UXGA and 1080p resolutions. With the same audio interface technologies as the SiI 1930, the SiI 1390 is designed specifically for use with Intel based platforms.

"HDMI brings additional simplicity to PC's, enabling CE quality multimedia functionality in a cost effective easy to design solution." said Steve R. Peterson, Director of Desktop Chipset & Software Marketing at Intel. "We are pleased to see the availability of Silicon Image products that complement Intel-based digital home platforms."

The SiI 1390 and SiI 1930 are the first HDMI transmitters designed specifically for PC graphics applications and illustrate Silicon Image's continuing dedication to enable the secure delivery of multimedia content across PC and CE devices by expanding the offering of HDMI -based solutions.

Pricing and Availability
The SiI 1390 and SiI 1930 are packaged as 64-pin lead-free TQFPs with Epad and are priced at $6.50 in 10K quantities. The chips are sampling and in full production. The ATI and nVidia reference designs are currently sampling. The Silicon Image SiI 1390 ADD2 reference design for PCI Express integrated graphics chipset platforms is sampling now.

About Silicon Image
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Silicon Image, Inc. designs, develops and markets multi-gigabit semiconductor and system solutions for a variety of communications applications demanding high-bandwidth capability. With its proprietary Multi-layer Serial Link (MSL™) architecture, Silicon Image is well positioned for leadership in multiple mass markets including PCs, consumer electronics and storage. Currently, Silicon Image is a leader in the global PC/display arena with its innovative digital interconnect technology, and has emerged as a leading player in the consumer electronics and storage markets by offering robust, high-bandwidth semiconductors. For more information on Silicon Image, visit www.siliconimage.com

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