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A Heartfelt Goodbye to Gary Altunian

by March 21, 2011
See that smile? It rarely left his face.

See that smile? It rarely left his face.

Gary was 59 and a native of Southern California. He was director of training and development at a regional CE chain, The Federated Group from 1975 to 1988. From 1988 to 2003, he was Yamaha's national sales training manager. In 2003, he launched a career writing about audio components for such publications as Widescreen Review, Ultimate AV and Home Theater Magazine. Gary passed away March 15 after fighting cancer for several years.

Funeral arrangements weren't available as of this posting.

What we personally knew of Gary was a bit more recent, having spent some time with him at CES back in 2005 and he having the somewhat dubious privilege of having introduced us to one of our long-running jokes, the Samsung AV-R3000 AV receiver - a Yamaha looking replica that never could seem to get to market. While we never rubbed that in his face (after all, it wasn't his fault), we were impressed that he never once joined in and poked fun of any of his former employers - his comments always seemed to be uplifting and positive.

At one point we were asked to review a set of Phase Tech CI-20VII In-wall speakers - which, to be quite honest, we had no way of accurately reviewing at the time. Turns out Gary had built his own in-all speakers rig... Happily, we contracted him to do the review and it was truly wonderful to see a fellow pro at work.

Gary Altunian resided in Oceanside and Temecula, Calif., with his decade-long companion Marcia Walker and his dogs Rosie and Aussie, according to an email sent to Yamaha employees. He has a sister, Sue Holland of Shadow Hills, Calif., and a son, Jason Altunian, of Huntington Beach, Calif.

Altunian, the letter states, "was admired and respected by everyone that knew him, or that came into contact with him over his long electronics industry career that spanned over 35 years." Of that, we have no doubt.

tattoo_Dan posts on March 23, 2011 02:07
yep ! 59 is way too young,

my story regarding that man is that I installed car stereo at Federated in Canoga Park,Ca from 78 to 81.
haraldo posts on March 22, 2011 07:52
Wish I could have the attitude of Mr Altunian

Very sorry to see such a nice gentleman pass away at much too young age……
MapleSyrup posts on March 21, 2011 21:01
Rest in Peace

59 is so young to pass away. Gary seemed liked a very decent human being. God speed to Gary as well as to his family and loved ones.
Andytoo posts on March 21, 2011 19:22
Really sad and unfortunate as is the case with sudden death, even though I now know Mr. Altunian had battled cancer for some time. I had corresponded with him on Feb. 20th suggesting a future speaker review. His response was quick and polite and his words did not suggest any hint of his problems. I now know he was a class act.
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