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Energy Announces New Take Series Speakers

by February 19, 2005

Energy Speaker Systems, an innovator and pioneer in the audio industry, is proud to introduce their new flag-ship home theater solution called the Take Series. The Take Series is designed as a completely modular system, combining performance with flexibility, style with ease of installation. This unique series features four models, including the Take SAT, Take LCR, Take FPS and Take TWR, which are all sold individually. The new Take models build upon the award winning success of the Encore, Take 5 and Take 5.2 systems, while seamlessly matching today's flat panel displays.

These newly designed speakers feature technology and performance unlike any other product in this class and will redefine this category, like the original Take 5 did.

The Take Series is constructed using a rigid aluminum enclosure to minimize cabinet resonances without sacrificing internal volume. This results in better bass and blending with a powered subwoofer. All models in the Take Series feature Energy's patented Elliptical Surround technology, for incredible excursion and zero surround distortion, allowing small speakers to perform like much larger ones. The Take SAT and Take LCR feature a 3-1/2" mica filled polypropylene drivers with our Elliptical Surround, built to handle the rigors of home theater and music. The Take FPS and TWR feature larger 4-1/2" Elliptical Surround woofers with cast baskets, offering unparalleled performance, accuracy, detail and speed.

The Take Series features Energy's exclusive 1" chambered aluminum dome tweeter, technology that was originally designed for use in our award winning Veritas series. All models in the Take Series feature magnetic grilles and include glass bases and wall mounting brackets! The Take Series is designed to meet any installation requirement, while matching any display device.

[Satblackgrillonoff] Take SAT and Take LCR
The smallest of the new Take Series are the Take SAT and Take LCR, which have been designed to be positioned in almost any conceivable location with their unique wall mounting bracket and glass base (included) or the optional stand with glass base. The slim and shallow speaker design allows for the system to integrate with any type of monitor, be it plasma, LCD or even DLP. Designed with our exclusive 1" chambered aluminum dome, the Take SAT uses a ported enclosure to increase the amount of low frequencies, while matching the décor of any listening environment. Included with the Take SAT are a wall mount bracket and a glass base, to offer the customer limitless installation options.

The Take SAT is complimented by the extremely versatile Take LCR speaker, which features dual 3-1/2" woofers and a 1" chambered aluminum dome tweeter. With 135 watts power handling and a 75Hz to 23KHz frequency response, the Take LCR offers upgraded performance and SPL output, no matter whether it's mounted horizontally or vertically. The Take LCR is designed to match today's LCD, DLP and Plasma sets, and comes with an integrated wall/ceiling mounting system (that is adjustable up to 25 degrees) and table top glass base. Both the Take SAT and LCR are available in your choice of White, Black or Silver.

[FPSsilverplasmagrilles] Take FPS
The Take FPS on-wall solution significantly increases the level of performance, beyond anything ever seen before from a wall mountable product. With dual patented 4-12" Elliptical Surround woofers and dual 4- 1/2" Elliptical Surround passive radiators, combined with Energy's exclusive 1" chambered aluminum dome tweeter, the Take FPS is the ultimate combination of performance and style. The Take FPS on-wall solution can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position with the included wall bracket, which even allows up to 25 degrees of adjustment, so that one can angle it to meet your room's specific needs. The Take FPS also includes a glass base, allowing for horizontal or vertical table top positioning. With a rated frequency response of 60Hz to 23Khz and a power handling of 200 Watts, the Take FPS is capable of recreating the ultimate in home theater and stereo reproduction. The Take FPS is available in your choice of Black or Silver finish.

[TWRsilvergrilleonoff] Take TWR
The new Take TWR tower speaker features four of Energy's newly designed 4-12" Elliptical Surround woofers with cast baskets and a dual ported cabinet, allowing the Take TWR to deliver incredible dynamics and depth. Combined with our unique chambered 1" aluminum dome tweeter, this system takes up minimal floor space, while performing better than speakers several times its size. To match your décor, the Take TWR includes a glass base, which adds to its elegance, and can even be wall mounted with the included wall mount bracket. The Take TWR offers a frequency response of 52Hz to 23Khz and a power handling of 250 Watts, allowing it to perform with any source. The Take TWR is available in your choice of Black or Silver finish.

To compliment the new Take speakers, Energy recommends the use of the recently introduced S8.3, S10.3 or S12.3 powered subwoofers. This allows customers to build a system, based on room size, creating the flexibility and customizability required today. The Take SAT and LCR speaker systems will ship in October 2004 and the Take FPS and Take TWR will ship in February 2005. For more information contact Energy Speaker Systems, or visit: www.energy-speakers.com .

Take SAT

  • US Retail: $175.00 ea.
  • Canadian Retail: $225.00 ea.

Take LCR

  • US Retail: $250.00 ea.
  • Canadian Retail: $350.00 ea.

Take FPS

  • US Retail: $375.00 ea.
  • Canadian Retail: $500.00 ea.

Take TWR

  • US Retail: $500.00 ea.
  • Canadian Retail: $750.00 ea.

Finish Options:

  • Silver with grey grilles (All models)
  • Black with black grilles (All models)
  • White with White Grilles (SAT and LCR only)
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