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eCoustics.com Enhances Electronics Search Engine

by August 05, 2004

 August, 2004 - When searching for information about electronics, " eCoustics.com is the first place to turn," says Frank Flore, About.com Editor.

As technology churns out more and more products, consumers are turning to the web for advice on what's good and what to purchase, says Brian Mitchell, eCoustics.com founder.

eCoustics.com is a 100% free service, that provides consumers access to thousands of professional reviews, consumer opinions, buying guides, shopping advice, price comparisons, news, articles, forums and more.

Its unique and comprehensive search engine aggregates data from the most popular electronics websites like CNET.com, PriceGrabber.com, AudioReview.com and Audioholics.com, as well as niche sites like MiniDisc.org and all of the online Audio/Video and PC Magazines and e-zines.

The new eCoustics.com Search provides highly relevant and detailed information in a simple layout. You can search for "Plasma TV", "Digital Camera", or "iPod." Whatever your needs, eCoustics provides links to recent product reviews, how-to articles, and popular products without the bloated advertisements.

Whether you are a gadget expert craving more information or electronically challenged, http://www.ecoustics.com should be at the top of your list.

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