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DISH Adds What's Hot Feature and Bluetooth

by November 26, 2012
DISH Adds Whats Hot Feature and Bluetooth

DISH Adds What's Hot Feature and Bluetooth

DISH recently added a What’s Hot feature to the Hopper/Joey DVR system which we reviewed earlier this year. This new update displays the popular programs people are currently watching in their local market and also nationally. Then, social media highlights which shows are trending based on viewer posts. What that means is that DISH's "What’s Hot" feature actually shows you what viewers are really watching... unfortunately, it's apparently still reality TV... Oh well. In either case, to see which TV shows, movies and sports are popular, you just select 'What’s Hot' from the Main Menu. From there you can filter between the following:

  • Genres - pressing the Red button on your remote jumps to this
  • Local and national - you can gauge local/national viewership by pressing the Green button
  • On Now, On Next and Today - Is accessed by pressing the Yellow button

DISH Whats Hot

All of the content will automatically sort by most popular to least popular. What’s Hot also includes a sort of "flame meter" that's located in the details section on the right side of the screen. One other feature we saw that was activated includes Bluetooth functionality. Now the Hopper lets you pair your favorite Bluetooth headset or speaker. That's a nice upgrade, particularly for those with Bluetooth-capable soundbars or speakers.

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