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Digital Theater Systems, Inc Officially Changes Name to DTS, Inc

by June 05, 2005

AGOURA HILLS, CA - June 6, 2005 - DTS, Inc. announced today that the company has legally changed its name from Digital Theater Systems, Inc. to DTS, Inc. Approved in a vote by stockholders on May 19, 2005, the Restated Certificate of Incorporation effecting the name change was filed on May 24, 2005.

The decision to change the company's name reflects the growing strength of the company's DTS brand and an expansion beyond the "theater" business into new markets and technologies.

"The cinema market represents an important segment of DTS' business, but the scope and breadth of our business today is much broader than when the company was founded," said Jon Kirchner, President and CEO of DTS. "Over the years, DTS has expanded into the consumer electronics, music, pro audio and broadcast markets and consumers and the trade have come to know us by our initials. Going forward, this change will clarify and simplify our corporate messaging and support the continued growth and awareness of the DTS brand."

About DTS
DTS, Inc. is a digital technology company dedicated to delivering the ultimate entertainment experience. DTS decoders are in virtually every major brand of 5.1-channel surround processors, and there are more than 300 million DTS-licensed consumer electronics products available worldwide. A pioneer in multi-channel audio, DTS technology is in home theatre, car audio, PC and game console products, as well as DVD-Video, Surround Music and DVD-ROM software. DTS audio products are featured on more than 24,000 motion picture screens worldwide. Additionally, DTS provides imaging technology and services for the motion picture industry; Lowry Digital Images, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTS, is an industry leader in image restoration and enhancement. Founded in 1993, DTS is headquartered in Agoura Hills, California, and has offices in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Canada, Japan and China. For further information, please visit www.dtsonline.com .

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