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Crestron V24-C 24" HD Touch Screen Display Preview

by July 25, 2011
Crestron V24-C 24" HD Touch Screen Display

Crestron V24-C 24" HD Touch Screen Display

Crestron released a new high-definition V-Panel touch screen this week. Its V24-C 24" HD Touch Screen Display blends full touch screen navigation with HD graphics and video. The display also has DigitalMedia 8G+ connectivity and is widescreen in orientation. The result is a single HD display that can combine touch screen, television, and PC monitors into one. When you connect the V24-C to a Crestron DGE-2 Digital Graphics Engine, it allows consumers to access digital media content, watch videos, listen to music, surf the Internet, and provide digital screen input without the use of a PC.

The V24-C allows gesture swiping to control the interface and facilitates browsing music and movies as well as navigating television program guides and radio stations or Internet streaming content. An interactive menu of full-color 3D icons delivers intuitive control over the system while an on-screen keyboard delivers further control when alphanumeric input is required. There's a built-in USB port for connecting a real keyboard and mouse.

Since the Crestron V24-C is made to link explicitly with their DigitalMedia 8G+ systems, the DGE-2 graphics engine (as well as all of the wiring for sources) can be relocated up to 330 feet away, presumably where you'd place all of the racked up gear. A single Cat 5e wire or DM 8G Cable can deliver all of the uncompressed HD audio/video, control, Ethernet and USB HID signals directly to the V24-C. No receiver is needed - it's built right in.

"Pairing V24-C V-Panel with our DGE-2 graphics engine lets you view virtually any video source you want, both HD digital and analog, using multiple full motion video windows. While having complete Crestron control at your fingertips, now you can also watch TV, DVDs and HD video, browse the Internet, or run a video conference and have plenty of screen space to do multiple things at once."

- Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology

Featuring S-PVA display technology, the V24-C offers excellent color reproduction, black levels and viewing angles, but the response time is a bit slower than TN or S-IPS technology. It's a middle-of-the-road panel as far as LCD displays are concerned, but with the added features and connectivity, it's an incredible product overall. V24-C also supports several different mounting options, including flush to (or in) a wall, on a tabletop stand, or at the end of an articulating arm.

For more information about Crestron visit www.crestron.com.

highfigh posts on August 09, 2011 10:37
$14,200 for a 24" TV/touch panel- now that's just good, clean fun!

As reliable as Crestron is, it's not absolutely reliable and I would never pull the trigger for that amount of money without a warranty by buying it on ebay.

I went to Crestron training in ‘05. Guess whose controller didn’t work? (and it was provided by Crestron)-
BMXTRIX posts on August 08, 2011 23:01
V-24 panel is $5,200 list price.

Of course, the DGE-2 engine to drive it is not included and that'll run you (ready for this?)…


Frankly, we just did a setup with a touch monitor NEC with a graphics engine running it and it worked very well for just a few thousand dollars.

Still, at the end of the day, I'll give a vote for Crestron in many homes for pure reliability on a nice system. Combine a solid RF remote with Crestron and you get a reliable system for not a lot of cash. Especially through eBay where there is a ton of Crestron product available.
highfigh posts on July 31, 2011 09:32
Other than size, it doesn't seem to do much the 12“ and 15” touch-screens couldn't.

I didn't see a price in the articles I read- are they afraid to say? The price of the 12" was enough to make someone's eyes roll back into their head.
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